The Ups and Downs of Growing your Garage Door Business

Growing your business can be difficult, especially in a busy garage door industry where customers have their choice of service providers. Find something that separates you from the crowd.

From customer satisfaction to operational support, garage door dispatch software from Service Fusion could be the remote control your business needs to open new (garage) doors.

Read on, or download a PDF of the infographic to learn how Service Fusion can help your garage door business.

We know customer satisfaction is No. 1—and it’s a key to earning repeat business. Service Fusion delivers better features and service.

Our all-in-one garage door dispatch software makes jobs easier on your customers, from initiation to completion, with the following features:

Don’t forget VoIP and customer service tools to create efficiency when it comes to communications and job records. Our product keeps internal teams in sync and customers in the loop. ensures that vital information is shared with the people who need it:

  • Implement call routing to discreetly transfer calls to specific technicians
  • Use text-me-back widgets for customers to start conversations on your website
  • Deploy call tracking to record calls and link them to jobs or estimates
  • Send and receive client calls and texts by advertising your phone number as a "text or call" number

Life’s better when you’re floating on a cloud ... or, at least when you’re leveraging cloud automation. When was the last time you got stuck in Spreadsheet Land or were buried beneath a stack of hard-copy records? If it was recently—Houston, we have a problem.

Service Fusion’s software for garage door businesses delivers cloud technology so you can leave time-consuming and wasteful processes behind. Finally throw away—or get down with your sustainable self by recycling—all that paper your operation’s been wasting. Instead, let technology do the heavy lifting. Our cloud-based solution automatically generates emails, robocalls, and payment notifications for customers so your team can spend less time on back-office tasks.



With the right software for your garage door service business, not only can you manage the everyday easier,
but you can also do it better. Service Fusion maximizes efficiencies for office staff, technicians, and customers.

Your back office will thank you for the ibuprofen-like relief Service Fusion provides for necessary processes. Service Fusion’s software for garage door businesses helps create efficiency for key actions so you never miss a beat, including:

  • Hammering out the details of a service agreement with contactless eSign
  • Keeping a close eye on inventory management by creating purchase orders and tracking item serial numbers
  • Managing recurring and automated billing

Technicians and customers can get in on the action, too, taking jobs from start to finish without any guesswork. Customers can get the ball rolling in a snap by sending text messages to request job quotes, while technicians can stay on top of things by sending on-the-way alerts and notifications to customers and even processing payments in the field.

Q3 Image-png

Keeping technicians busy and on task helps your business thrive, but it can’t be a guessing game. Garage door dispatch software pulls back the curtain to reveal the best ways to make your techs more effective.

Service Fusion empowers you to create estimates and jobs in seconds and get them out the door to capable technicians to execute. Paired with innovative drag-anddrop scheduling, you get complete visibility into upcoming projects and can assign jobs without worrying about under- or over-booking. Garage door service scheduling software will streamline your business operations and help you communicate efficiently with your garage door techs.

Have an emergency job or need to get technicians back on track? GPS fleet tracking helps you identify the best technician or service contractor and improve productivity.

Q4 Image-png

Do you consider jobs to be done once the labor is finished or when your business gets paid? No matter the case, our garage door dispatch software fills you in every step of the way, tracking everything from estimate to completion.

You can do it on the move, too. Service Fusion’s mobile device app is your bread-and-butter for job tracking, enabling your operation to coordinate each job like you’re conducting a symphony:

  • Send jobs to technicians
  • Text customers to give job updates
  • Enable technicians to add photos and notes
  • Allow customers to accept estimates online
    and collect digital signatures
  • Record job progress statuses

Forget about hunting down invoices or maintaining complex records. Input key data into the app and check each job off your to-do list.

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