Deliver your customers the fast, coordinated service they deserve without it feeling remote. 

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We can quote the customer, get them exactly what they need, get the sale done, do the job and then take payment right there from them.

Scott Airitam
Liberty Air & Heating
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I'm able to have a work-life balance that I didn't have before. Now I know the work is scheduled. Now I know the work is going to get done.

Darrell Elliott
Elliott AC Heating & Handyman Services
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Service Fusion coming into the middle of growth helped simplify and develop organization and procedures and automated processes that helped.

Ryan Amerson
Energy Attic
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I have been in the HVAC business for over 55 years, and this is the best all around software for running my business.

Charles Howe
Howe to Fix Heat and Air
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Field Service Software to Run Your Business from Anywhere

Streamline your workflows by migrating customer records into a digital format. With one centralized system for customer management, scheduling, invoicing, create automated payment reminders for customers, payments, reporting, and more, you gain full visibility across business operations that allows you to better serve your customers from home or the office.

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VoIP Phone Software Built for Service Contractors

Combining field service expertise with VoIP and AI,® helps you deliver your best service, every call without the expensive hardware. Beyond making it easy for your customers to reach you, the software tracks where your business comes from, the reasons for and outcomes of calls, and other metrics that help you improve outcomes.

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GPS Fleet Tracking That Gives You Complete Visibility

Stop relying on your field workers’ mobile phones. Get full visibility into your fleet and remote workforce in order to track your fleet, increase technician productivity, and save money on vehicle wear and tear.

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The Payment Platform Built for Service Contractors

Payments with FusionPay empowers your business to get the most out of your Service Fusion investment. You won’t need to switch between multiple systems to get the simple information you need to run your business. Find what you are looking for when you need it most - all from within one Service Fusion.

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Connect Your Field Technicians with Modern Tools Designed for Success.

Stop relying on paper and pen to get your operations moving. Our mobile applications allow field workers to receive and manage jobs on smartphones and tablets in the field. Reduce your reliance on paperwork and increase your business' efficiency.

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No-Contact Features to Keep Your Team Safe and Healthy.

Make your team's health and safety a top priority with Service Fusion's no-touch features. Online estimates and bill payments, remote scheduling & dispatch, integrated VoIP and email options are some of the powerful features that can keep your team worry-free.  


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Enterprise-Level Features Designed with Small Businesses in Mind.

  • Flat-rate pricing

  • All-in-one platform

  • Step-by-step, personalized onboarding

  • Customization to run your business your way

  • 5-star rated customer support

See Why We're Different

Service Fusion Dispatch Software

Benefits of Implementing Field Service Management Software

From custom call tracking and routing to eliminating paperwork, subscription-based field service software is transforming service provider businesses—and now it’s affordable.

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benefits of implementing field service management software

Make managing your field service business easier so you can focus on what matters most:

your customers.

Centralized Platform
Complete all tasks with a few clicks in one centralized system, including managing customer calls, scheduling, and monitoring your fleet.
No-Touch Communication
Email estimates and job confirmations to customers, eSign documents, plus assign jobs to projects and sales reps, and more.
Scheduling & Dispatch from Anywhere
Schedule jobs without overlap, dispatch job information to your field workers' phones, and automatically let customers know when a tech is on the way.
QuickBooks Integration
As a QuickBooks Solutions Provider, Service Fusion can save you money on QuickBooks and sync systems so they display the same data, including recurring and progressive invoices.
Enterprise Features, Small Business Pricing
With flat-rate pricing, you get enterprise-level features at a cost that doesn't grow with your business.
Step-by-Step Onboarding
Get your business up and running fast—your techs won’t know how they did their job without it.

Industry Affiliations and Alliances.

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