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To stay competitive, you have to be able to run your business from anywhere. Although “going remote” is all the rage, for plumbing businesses, it’s a lot easier said than done. With a busy front office and everyone in the field, it’s going to take a lot more than new cell phones to keep everyone connected.

That’s where plumbing dispatch software comes in—specifically, we’re talking about field service management (FSM) software. It’s like a centralized invisible office that helps everyone stay connected. The front office will always be able to locate technicians and other associates in the field, making it much easier to provide the kind of service that gets you repeat business.

But you have to get the right plumbing dispatch software. Although plumbing software—or field service management software—can have an almost endless list of features, for plumbers, there are three main things to look for.

Make sure the plumbing dispatch software you choose can:

    • Solve overbooking issues
    • Speed up payment collections
    • Make it easier to create estimates and jobs

Eliminate Overbooking with Software Created for Service Provider Businesses

Scheduling plumbing appointments can feel like an art, balancing maintenance checks and routine fixes with emergencies and unexpected snafus. Providing customers with an exact time can be difficult, and often, it can be impossible to meet a service window—and you know how customers feel about missed service windows.

However, with the right field service management software for plumbers—or plumbing dispatch software—you can easily schedule jobs without worrying about overlap. Plumbing dispatch software can also send job information to field technicians’ phones or tablets, and give customers the transparency they want by automatically updating them on when to expect their technician.

No more missed service windows. Think of how happy that makes everyone!

Plumbing dispatch software also keeps field staff connected to the front office. It not only tells you who is available and close to the service address, but it can also store technical capabilities so you send the best technician for the job.

Speed Up Payment Collections with Cloud-Based Automation

Even people who like managing finances and cash flow can get really stressed out by the challenges they can bring, especially when you have a service provider business. Keeping up with the growing trends in how customers expect to make payments can seem like an impossible challenge. Everyone expects to pay when and how it’s convenient for them.

The right cloud-based plumbing dispatch software will provide you with a simple, unified payment processing experience. The all-in-one payments process is faster and more flexible for both you and your customers because it simplifies financial tracking no matter where you’re running your business.

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Eliminate the Complications of Multiple Systems

With one, unified experience, you won’t need to switch between multiple systems to get the simple information you need to run your business. Forget trying to merge files or—even worse—deal with paper.

With plumbing dispatch software, you can find what you are looking for when you need it most from one convenient application. Connect your business operations with your business finances and get easy access to review your daily deposits with individual transaction details. The right software will let you find any transaction and review status, sale type, and payment method in one place.

Look for field service management software with account capabilities that deliver:

    • A centralized merchant dashboard (including resolutions)
    • Real-time insights
    • Detailed, flexible reporting

Pro tip: Choose software that has a dispute resolution dashboard to help you every step of the way during a disputed claim. When something like that happens, the last thing you need is administrative stress.

Tired of juggling between delivering exceptional customer experience and making sure everything runs smoothly? Check out our guide to dispatching software.

Make Creating Estimates and Jobs Easier with Dispatch Software

Need to create and send estimates in seconds? You can do that. Really!

Top-tier plumbing dispatch software will provide you with pre-populated product and service line items, so creating estimates is faster than ever. Plus, you can easily convert estimates to jobs with one click—that’s as easy as it could possibly be.

These types of software as a service (SaaS) features can help your entire business, empowering you to do things like prioritizing opportunities, schedule on-site visits, and assign jobs to sales reps for commission calculation. You can also make the estimate part of the customer’s journey much clearer and easier—and, these days, estimate transparency is crucial when it comes to service provider businesses.

Learn More About Choosing Plumbing Dispatch Software

We’ve covered three very important aspects to choosing the right plumbing dispatch software, including how to:

    • Eliminate overbooking
    • Speed up payments and collections
    • Make creating estimates and jobs easier

Now, dive deeper and learn about everything you need to ask before you buy. Check out our guide Questions to Ask When Searching for Field Management Software. It delivers exactly what it says, providing you with everything you need to ask before you make your plumbing dispatch software decision. Before you buy, read the guide.

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