With Our Field Service Management Solution, complete a 30 Minute Task in 30 Seconds - from Anywhere

With a single organized platform for managing operations, Service Fusion’s field management software makes day-to-day tasks easier and ensures staff, technicians, and your customers are all on the same page.

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Customer Management

Create multiple customer contacts and service locations, set their communication preferences and billing terms, track referral sources, and store private and public notes, documents, images, and more.

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Create Estimates. Convert to Jobs.

Create and send estimates in seconds with pre-populated product and service line items. Convert estimates to jobs with one click. Plus, you can prioritize opportunities, schedule on-site visits, assign jobs to sales reps for commission calculation, and more.

Field Service Management Software - Estimates

Easy Scheduling & Dispatching

View all jobs and estimates to easily shift times and dates with a drag-and-drop dispatch grid. Send job information to your field workers through a call or text without ever switching programs, all from within the field service dispatch software.

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Online Invoicing & Payments

Convert single or consolidate multiple jobs to invoices in a single click, and receive check, cash, or credit card payments with a built-in, free payment gateway, FusionPay—no need for an in-person visit.



Text Message Notifications

Field management software allows for real-time communication with your technicians and customers via SMS notifications about scheduled jobs, on-the-way alerts to your customers, and more.


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Field Technician Mobile App

Our field service management app allows field workers to receive and manage jobs on smartphones and tablets right in the field. Reduce paperwork and the need for office visits.

Field Service Management Mobile App

QuickBooks Integration

Keep your accounting system up to date without having to press a single extra button, from within your field service management app. In addition, Service Fusion is a QuickBooks Solution Provider that can provide you discounts on QuickBooks and other Intuit products and services. 

  • Bi-directional sync of customers, products, and services.
  • Automatic synchronization of job deposits, invoices, and payments
  • Automatic updates pushed to QuickBooks when changes are made in Service Fusion. 
  • Integrates with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions. 
Field Service Management Software QuickBooks Integration Field Service Management Software QuickBooks Integration

Estimate Options Made Easy

Whether it's Good/Better/Best, Option 1/2/3, or Repair vs. Replacement, you can now give your customers the options they demand with only a few clicks and keystrokes.

  • Create up to 5 estimate options within a single estimate
  • Rename, duplicate, and archive options
  • Convert one or more options into one or more jobs
  • Create custom, multi-page proposals using our Custom Documents module
  • Email, print, or download estimates with options in a stacked or a side-by-side format
  • Offer customers to accept estimates online and collect their digital signatures
Field Service Management App Estimate Options

Contactless eSign Solutions

With contactless eSign documents, you have the ability to accelerate agreements, eliminate back and forth manual tasks, and increase convenience and safety for your customers and teams.

  • Send and sign agreements securely in minutes, rather than days
  • Turn any custom single or multi-page document into an eSign document
  • Send eSign requests directly from within estimate and job screens
  • Create custom eSign request email templates
  • Preview and download eSign documents as PDF
  • Customers can eSign from their personal devices.
  • Customers can eSign from their personal devices.

Progressive and Recurring Invoicing

With progressive invoicing, you are given the ability to split payments for individual line items or the entire job into multiple invoices. Quickly and easily automate recurring invoices to save your business the time and effort of repeat entry. 


What is field service management software?

Our field service management software helps small to medium-sized businesses manage all resources involved in field management activities. This includes processing job orders, assigning jobs to sales reps for commission calculation, automating scheduling and dispatch, keeping track of service and repair tasks, managing customer service contracts, sending estimates, collecting payments, and much more.

What is field service management software?

Additional Field Service Management Solutions to Run Your Business

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Job Photo Upload
Upload photos right from the job site using your mobile device. Save photos on the corresponding job to relate back to whenever a technician or customer support needs them.
Field Service Management Software GPS Fleet Tracking
GPS Fleet Tracking
Get 24/7 visibility into where your vehicles are at all times. Improve driving behaviors and trip history, all through our field service management app.
Field Service Management Credit Card Processing, FusionPay
Payment Processing
Experience quick and easy payment processing with FusionPay. FusionPay is the all-in-one payment platform built for service contractors. Manage your finances and cash flow through a simple, unified experience with transparent pricing.
Field Service Management Software Call Tracking & Routing
Call Tracking & Routing
ServiceCall.ai was built specifically for service contractors and combines the power of VoIP into Service Fusion. See where your new customer calls are coming from, and route your existing customers to the right teams.
Field Services Time Tracking and Payroll
Time Tracking & Payroll Reports
Our system monitors daily office activity, staff work hours, and your remote workforce, clocking in and out, and populated time-based payroll reports with regular overtime pay.
Field Services Software
Customer Email Broadcasts
Communicate effectively with your customers by putting the right emails in front of the right people. Create distribution lists for emailing multiple customers simultaneously utilizing custom communication templates.
Field Services Software
Document Drive
FusionDrive brings your files and cloud content together making it easy for your team to upload, share, and organize documents and folders directly within the Service Fusion platform.
Service Contractor Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Manage your stock inventory using our built-in inventory system. Create multi-item purchase orders, assign them to multiple warehouses and optionally enter serial numbers for those items that need to be tracked.


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