All-In-One Platform with GPS Fleet Tracking

Service Fusion's GPS Fleet Tracking is fully integrated into the Field Service Management software. Never switch between multiple applications again. Track the number of trips, total distance drove, total idle time, GPS location on a map view, driving behaviors, and more.


Field Service Management with GPS Fleet Tracking

Complete Visibility with Track My Tech

Provide your customers the visibility and information they want. With “Track My Tech” from Service Fusion, your customers can see how far away your technician is, the estimated time of arrival, their name, and even a picture of them. In addition, provide your customers with the ability to contact your technicians directly all from within our dispatch software.


Field Service Management Software Track my Tech

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Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Many commercial service providers can achieve over 1,000% ROI in the first year alone from the savings they get with Service Fusion's GPS Fleet Tracking.

GPS Fleet Tracking
Improve Driving Behavior
Minimize harsh braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, and more with real-time alerts.
FSM software GPS tracking
Reduce Fuel Costs
Cut down on excessive idling and route your fleet more efficiently.
field service gps tracking
Prevent Unauthorized Use
Get alerts when your vehicle is in operation outside of set business times and service zones.
service contractor GPS fleet tracking
Real-Time Visibility
Hardwired into your vehicle, always know where your fleet is located at all times.
GPS Fleet tracking
Reduce Insurance Premiums
Lower your premiums through improved driving behavior and discounts for GPS tracking installation.
Field Services Software GPS Tracking
Customer Engagement
Gives your customers the ability to track your technician's location, and the ability to contact them.

On-Demand Webinar:

Fleet Track Like a Pro

In this webinar, you'll learn how Service Fusion's GPS Fleet Tracking can help you save your business time and money while providing your customers with a fantastic experience. Learn how to earn over 1,200% ROI in your first year, make your business more productive, and provide your customers with a fantastic experience. 

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