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Improving and growing your commercial services business can be as simple as finding the right field service management (FSM) software. FSM software solutions used to be an enterprise-sized company thing, but these days, small- and medium-sized commercial services businesses also have plenty of affordable options. (Residential services business? This applies to you, too!)

The efficiencies field service management software can bring to a commercial service business can be a true game-changer, helping you take your business to the next level. Using the right software solution, you can:

  • Gain visibility into your complete operations
  • Improve communication to keep teams and customers connected
  • Operate your commercial services business from anywhere

Gain Visibility into Your Complete Operations

One of the best features of field service management software is that it can give you a bird’s eye view of where all field techs are at all times. If you choose software as a service (SaaS) with the right capabilities, it will instantly show you which technician is the closest to the immediate need. The top software solutions will also store technician capabilities, so you don’t have to just send the closest field technician—you can send the best one for the job.

For your field technicians, field service management software empowers them with visibility into scheduled jobs and tasks to help them become more efficient and effective at their jobs. They won’t have to check with the front office about things like schedule changes and estimates—they can see everything using the software solution.

The best part? All of this visibility makes it easier to fit in last-minute jobs without impacting your scheduled appointments.

Access Real-Time Metrics

Top-quality field service management software will give you access to real-time metrics like estimates converted to jobs, new customers, and average revenue per job, giving you better information on which to base our business decisions. This information is crucial if you’re looking for that one thing that can give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for to stand out from the competition.

Additionally, the right software can help you level up your business with automation. Forget most of the manual tasks your office has to do every day. Get software that can automate tasks like reminding customers of upcoming appointments and payment due dates while removing redundant tasks and giving you visibility into schedules, upcoming jobs, invoices, and payments.

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Improve Communication to Keep Teams and Customers Connected

Automation features aren’t just good for making office operations efficient—they’re also great for customers. Those automated reminders to customers about things like appointments, warranties, and payments are all additional ways for you to meaningfully connect with your customer.

Yes, automation can be meaningful. If you’re worried automation is too impersonal for your small commercial services business, or your small residential services business, give it a little more thought.

We live in an automated world. Your customers are already used to getting automated reminders from their hair salons, auto mechanics and, these days, even their grocery stores. Automated reminders about commercial or residential services are not only expected, it shows your customers they are doing business with a company that changes with the times, and uses new technology to make life easier for everyone.

Choose Software with Field Technician Communication Application

Software that includes a real-time, SMS field technician communication application to notify technicians makes it easier for them to communicate with everyone else, including customers. Customers can also request estimates, see upcoming appointments, and view their history.

Pro Tip: Make sure the software you choose includes branding opportunities to help create positive, long-lasting impressions that strengthen relationships.

Manage Your Commercial Services Business from Anywhere

With commercial service SaaS, you can store all important customer data in one, easily accessible through the cloud. That means you can run your commercial services business from anywhere.

You won’t need the “office computer” or phone, because everything is in the cloud. With the right field service management software, you can access information from a smartphone or a tablet, no matter where you are. That means you can forget the filing cabinet and paper storage—it’s not the ’90s anymore.

Put away your outdated systems and use a cloud-based hub to house all your customers’ information, including:

    • Job photos
    • Service history
    • Documents
    • Payments
    • Appointment notes

Once you’re done digitizing all your paperwork, your team can then easily retrieve important information in a better and faster way. You’ll have a one-stop shop to:

    • Receive job and estimate assignments
    • Access customer notes and history
    • Send automated reminders to customers before scheduled jobs and activate on-the-way alerts
    • Invoice and process payments in real-time

Plus, you should choose field management software that includes e-signature capabilities. E-signatures are not only safe, they make life easier for both you and your customers. You can send signature requests directly from within the estimate and job screens, create custom signature request email templates, and have customers electronically sign directly from their personal devices.

Make the Right Field Service Management Choice

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to field service management software, but not all are created equal.

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