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Whether you’re in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or another field, quality should always be the cornerstone of your business. Service Fusion streamlines your operations, but what about managing on-the-job expenses?

Cash and credit work in a pinch, but fuel cards help crews pay at the pump while your business tracks expenses. Looking for the smartest fuel card for trades and construction fleets? Explore the benefits and how Coast can rise to the challenge.

Understanding Fuel Cards  

It might seem easier for your team to break out their wallets and pay with cash or a personal card, but this can create problems later. Fuel cards are charge cards for employees to use to fill the tank or make business purchases. They enable you to manage use, protect against theft and abuse, and eliminate the need for reimbursements later. 

The Value of Fuel Cards 

Getting reimbursement requests to cover everything across the workday, from a morning cup of joe and lunch to gas and tools? Inflation and rising operational costs make this tough. As many as 77% of small employers report that fuel costs contribute to higher costs, but fuel cards help to control overall spending and rein in fuel expenses.

Fuel cards are also smarter than credit cards and safer than cash. Businesses use fuel cards to protect their bottom line, leveraging the ability to monitor for fraudulent activity across multiple teams and vehicles. Fuel cards are suitable for fleets ranging anywhere from 5-500 vehicles, enabling you to provide continuous protection as you scale your service business.

Fuel Cards Aren’t Created Equal

Poor customer service? Outdated systems? Liability issues? Traditional fuel cards provide a means to pay, but they also leave plenty to be desired. Coast is the smartest fuel card for trades and construction fleets because it sidesteps these pitfalls. Customers get access to the latest technologies and a fuel card solution that’s hassle-free without a hard credit check. 

Reap the benefits of: 

Transparent Pricing 

Wary of the complexities that might come along with using fuel cards? Many cards blindside users, but with Coast, what you see is what you get. It’s the smartest fuel card for trades and construction fleets because Coast flips the script on traditional fuel cards with a simple pricing structure and easy-to-interpret statements.

You only pay $4 per card in use; if you don’t swipe it, you don’t pay for it.

Intuitive Product 

Coast is simple to use on the go and in the back office. Team members simply swipe, and you get the freedom to adjust spending policies in real time. Other providers might need to get on the phone to make updates, but Coast puts you in control. 

Spend Control and Tracking 

Stop worrying about how individuals are spending. Coast makes it simple to set limits, issue cards, and authorize payments for fuel, maintenance, parking, and even a car wash. Spend controls can be tied to individuals regardless of the physical card they use or the vehicle they drive. If you want copies of receipts, just implement a rule for drivers to text receipt photos to Coast to store to help close the books. 


You deserve an ultra-secure fuel card. Coast connects to GPS tracking, so if a charge posts when a vehicle is away from a station, you’ll receive an alert to decline the transaction. On top of that, you get access to flexible spend controls that you can customize based on the employee, vehicle, or job. 

The Coast team stands behind their ultra-secure fuel card, so you can trust that your business is protected from fraud and misuse. When you enable Coast’s advanced security features, you’ll be protected by up to $25,000 per year against any losses due to fuel card fraud. 


Most fuel cards are only capable of being used at the pump. Coast is the smartest fuel card for trades and construction fleets because it allows spending your way: 

  • Restrict purchases to fuel only. 
  • Switch nonfuel purchase capabilities on or off. 
  • Put dollar limits on certain purchase categories.

Full Visa Network 

Visa is everywhere. Coast cards operate on the Visa network, so your team can go to the gas station that works best for their route—whether the cheapest or the most convenient—without the risk of their cards being declined or incurring out-of-network fees. 

Give Your Team the Smartest Fuel Card for Trades and Construction Fleets 

Fuel cards are more practical for your team than cash or personal credit cards. Control spending and protect against fraud with a card that works your way. 

To experience Coast for yourself, check out the interactive demo. Once you’re ready to apply, it only takes a few minutes—you could be up and running in as little as one week. Coast customer support is readily available to ensure a smooth transition. 

Customers also enjoy exclusive discounts

  • 2¢ rebate per gallon of gas at any station 
  • 1% cash back on nonfuel purchases 
  • 30% off QuickBooks for six months 
  • 10% off Jiffy Lube maintenance and oil changes 

Service Fusion is proud to partner with Coast. Apply now and get $250 off with a special customer code

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