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Sixty percent of households have central air, and HVAC systems consume the most energy in commercial spaces—it’s no wonder your business is booming. But how can you continue to deliver excellence under increasing demand?

Don’t sweat it. Keep your cool with HVAC software.

Mobile technologies are driving innovation in HVAC, and they aren’t slowing down any time soon. HVAC software helps your operations both in the field and in the office, so you’re always at the top of your game for customers who need you most. Discover how HVAC software can help to manage your technician team and back-office activities in a one-two punch.

How HVAC Software Helps You Manage Technicians

Manage the business, manage the books, and oh yeah … manage your technicians. Your field techs are the worker bees that keep your operation making honey, so it’s vital to support them however possible. HVAC software makes it easier with:

Real-Time Communication

When your HVAC software has a corresponding mobile app, your team can stay in touch on the fly. Call and text through the app with ease, but get even more perks. Use the app to communicate jobs that are coming up and the essential details surrounding each one.

Your powers unite to get the job done. The back office and field technicians come together and use the mobile app to:

  • Dispatch techs to jobs
  • Include maps and driving directions to job sites
  • Add job photos and notes
  • Capture customer signatures digitally
  • Create and send invoices

Maximize your efficiency with field service management software that does laps around the competition.

Real-Time Data and Location Tracking

Have you ever misplaced your phone and thought, “I wish I had a lojack so I wouldn’t lose it”? Think of what you can get done with it by your side—whether it’s sending a text or email, making your grocery list, or calling mom.

It’s just as frustrating when you lose track of your technicians, because they’re the keys to your success. But with GPS fleet tracking and real-time data, you’re always in step with them and can keep working to serve your customers.

GPS tracking capabilities inside your HVAC software help you manage technicians with ease. Not only is it a breeze to find your techs and deploy the best ones for customer jobs, but you also gain these operational benefits:

  • Improve driver behavior
  • Prevent unauthorized vehicle use
  • Cut fuel costs
  • Reduce insurance premiums

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How HVAC Software Helps Your Back Office

Of course, your operation can’t truly flourish in disarray, either. Mounds of paperwork? Chaotic job scheduling? Unpaid invoices? That last one got your attention for sure. With HVAC software, you can create efficiencies to better your business and serve your customers.

Create Estimates and Jobs

We’ll say it: Paperwork is tiring, with a capital T. But you can put your calculator, fax machine, and spreadsheets away and eliminate some—if not all—of it with HVAC software. Create estimates and job “paperwork” quickly inside the software with:

  • Pre-populated products
  • Service line items
  • And more

Schedule and Dispatch

Jake is booked for 60 hours, Evan is booked for 40, but Barry only has 20. A little uneven, don’t you think?

HVAC software lays everything out in front of you, so you never over- or under-book technicians. Scheduling and dispatch capabilities make it easy to adjust job bookings and the technicians assigned. Just use drag-and-drop features to shift times and dates to avoid conflicts.

Process Payments

Customers can—and should—put their darn checkbooks away. And you should stop wasting paper and postage on invoices, too. HVAC software brings invoicing and payment processing under one roof in a single payment gateway. Customers can pay at the time of service or soon after, and you get to speed up collections and close out jobs with online payments.

When your back office uses HVAC software for payments, you get extra layers of support. You know that you’re covered from all corners with:

Maintain Customer History

Picture this: You walk into Starbucks and the barista knows both your name and your usual beverage. No awkward smalltalk, and no need to decipher whether you want the latest drink (or how to pronounce it).

HVAC software uses technology to do for customer service what your barista does by using your existing relationship: It pulls in relevant information to make things easier. As a result, you (the HVAC manager, not the coffee lover) can be better-equipped to support customers later. By maintaining customer histories within your software, you have data to inform:

  • Customer preferences
  • Follow-up support
  • Customer service excellence

And happy customers mean increased retention!

Do It All from Anywhere

Whether you’re wrangling technicians or managing back-office activities, one thing’s for sure: You don’t have to be in the office to do it. HVAC software lives in the cloud, so as long as you have a connection, you can make progress.

Desktop, Laptop, Any Top

HVAC software provides freedom of access on any computer, regardless of your location. Take it with you on your laptop or plug in at the home office. You aren’t limited by IP restrictions or rules surrounding your user seat.

Putting the “Mobile” in Mobile-Friendly

Stop burning the midnight oil to make up for lost time. Whether Junior shoved a crayon up his nose and you have to go to the ER or you’re lying on a beach in Maui, your HVAC software’s mobile app makes it easy to check in when you really need to. Untether yourself from your desk and enjoy the freedom to be where you want and need to be—on your time.

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Keep It Cool with Service Fusion

It’s possible to be efficient in your day-to-day and keep your cool in the face of the daily grind with a little help from comprehensive HVAC software. The right tools can help you manage technicians and back-office activities alike from a single platform, whether you’re closing communication gaps, getting paid, or something in between.

Service Fusion does HVAC software better than the rest, supporting the changing landscape of your business and customer needs. Download our comparison, “Service Fusion vs. the Competition,” to see how we stack up, and get in touch to discuss your HVAC software needs.

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