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Spring is in the air. Play catch with the kids, walk the dog, start getting your garden ready … and manage field service operations?! There has to be a way to enjoy both worlds: time with your family and efficient and productive work.

Enter field service management software to give you time back in your day for watching sports, playing games, and making memories. Spend time with the ones who matter—family, dog, cat, the robot you’re building (we don’t judge!)—all while running your business.

Discover the ways field service management software gives you more time to do what you want.

Where the Heck Are Your Techs?

Do you ever find yourself wondering who’s available for a job or what’s taking so long? Stay in the know with GPS tracking and ensure operational efficiency.

Enhance Resourcing and Accountability

John spent a half hour pulled off to the side of the road at noon. It was lunchtime, so you can’t fault him for taking a break. From tracking idle time to assigning jobs to technicians, GPS tracking ups your service game. Use it to know:

  • Where technicians are
  • Who’s available
  • Who’s equipped for certain jobs

GPS tracking makes it easy to balance the closest technician with the most qualified technician for individual jobs. Field service management software with GPS tracking gives you an inside view of technician activities and behavior, providing a layer of accountability and a means to improve your operations. Not to mention the fact that you won’t have to bend over backwards to keep things on track.

Save the Trees (and Your Sanity)

Paperwork is so passé. Lighten your load and reduce—or even eliminate—paper with cloud-based field service management software.

Store It in the Cloud

Imagine taking the mountain of paperwork off your desk and putting it all into an easy-to-use software solution. With field service management software, you can ditch hard copy:

  • Job records and estimates
  • Invoices
  • Mail-in payments

Cloud-based solutions for both internal and field teams make it faster and easier to record and retrieve important information. Just log into the software or mobile app and take your work where you are.

Provide Payment Flexibility

Offer credit, debit, and ACH options for in-person and online payments with FusionPay powered by Paysimple, plus equip techs to accept in-field payments via an app. Have customers who need a little wiggle room? Provide a cushion with progressive invoicing.

Keep the Customer Top of Mind

Know your customer. Keep convenient records of customer preferences, job history, and pictures of past projects for later reference.

The bottom line: Save yourself from carpal tunnel and work that won’t quit. Go digital and get back to the important things.

Cut the Cord from the Time Clock

“I love time tracking,” said no one ever. Technicians don’t want to log every minute, and you don’t want to sift through and verify their disjointed records. Field service management software helps both sides, making time tracking less of a chore.

Automate and Expedite Time Tracking

1995 wants its punch cards back. Seriously, there’s something so stale and tedious about sticking a card into an ancient machine, just so it can place a stamp or hole punch and record a worker’s time in and out.

Field service management software helps you quickly and accurately record and monitor working time. It eliminates every antiquated time tracking system you can think of, from punch cards to time slips to spreadsheet entries. The software is suitable for all staff, too, whether they’re office staff, field techs, contractors, or remote workers.

Stay on top of time-related issues, such as:

  • Staff working hours
  • Clocking in and out
  • Time-based payroll reports

Bonus: You don’t have to do manual calculations for payroll!

Reclaim Your Time with Field Service Management Software

Your job is important, and you love what you do—but you don’t want to be tethered to your desk 24/7. Get back more flexibility in your day-to-day to stop and smell the flowers or toss a few burgers on the grill with the fam. Deploy field service management software for your business to automate jobs, recordkeeping, and payments and enjoy more time for your personal passions.

Download our infographic to discover “12 Data-Driven Solutions for Commercial Service Business Growth” with field service management software.


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