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If your business is still using paper invoices and manual field technician check-ins, you’re missing out. Residential services businesses are learning that using field service software—also known as field service management software—can simplify operations and create countless operational efficiencies.

With the right field service SaaS, you can:

  • Take the paper out of payments with a single platform.
  • Gain better field visibility with GPS tracking.
  • Connect your field technicians with a mobile app.

Follow along as we dig into these three benefits for your residential services business, and get ready to transform your operations with the power of field service management software.

Simplify Payments for Your Residential Services Business

Implementing field service software helps you simplify payments, accelerate cash flow, and deliver a safe, convenient payment experience for your customers. That’s because instead of switching between multiple systems to get information, field service SaaS puts everything in one platform.

When you can offer credit, debit, and ACH processing with mobile payments in the field, online, or phone-based payment methods, you make life easier for both you and your customers. Plus, with everything in one place, you can effortlessly find any transaction and review status, sale type, and payment method.

Break free from manual processes that involve paper with field service SaaS. Let your residential services technicians take payments in the field, or even give customers an online payment option.

Download the free checklist: Save Time by Implementing Field Management Software

Improve Field Visibility with GPS Tracking

Field service management software with GPS fleet tracking gives you visibility into field teams, creates savings, and improves driver behavior. With this technology, you can track:

  • The number of technician trips
  • Total driving distance
  • Idle time
  • GPS location in map view
  • Driving behaviors
  • And more!

Give customers the visibility to track their technician so they know when to expect the truck to pull up. With GPS tracking, customers peel back the curtain in advance of service. From the platform, they have access to their tech’s name and photo, and they can pull up contact info to get in touch with their tech. Think of it like UberEats for field service management!

But GPS doesn’t just help on the customer side. Operations managers benefit just as much for their needs, thanks to real-time visibility, which helps prevent unauthorized use, improves driver behavior, and reduces insurance premiums.

Use a Field Service Software Mobile App to Keep the Field Connected

As a business, you know how important collaboration and communication are, but you also put an equal premium on efficiency. Field service mobile applications connect field workers with each other and with customers so they can receive and manage jobs on smartphones and tablets. Plus, by migrating to a digital platform, you get to cut down on paperwork.

Field service software mobile apps enhance your entire operation. Apps allow your field staff to see assigned jobs in a map view, view equipment assigned to a job, indicate job progress, collect customer signatures on jobs, and add activity notes. Mobile apps put more power in your field staff’s hands, because you don’t want to just please your customers—you want to wow them.

The right mobile app makes it easy to:

  • Convert one or more options into jobs
  • Create custom, multi-page residential services proposals
  • Email, print, or download estimates
  • Let customers accept estimates online
  • Rename, duplicate, and archive options

See the difference field service SaaS can make. Connect customers with techs and easily manage jobs with the right mobile app.

Learn More About Field Service Software for Residential Services

This is just the beginning. Field service software—or field service management software—can transform your operations and give full visibility into the field. And it’s helpful on the customer side, too, creating greater connections with technicians and even improving the payment process.

Learn more about how rethinking payment options can help you create more efficient operations. Check out our checklist Save Time by Implementing Field Management Software and get in touch with our experts to discuss your needs.


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