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Ever feel like you want your business to do more but don’t know how to get over the hump? So many locksmith businesses feel the same: stuck and unable to grow and refine their operations. But there’s a simple solution to lift the roadblock: leveraging technology! Service business software has the power to propel you forward and unlock new efficiencies.  

Explore the many benefits of deploying the right locksmith service dispatch software for your business.


Centralize data. 

With the power of all-in-one locksmith service dispatch software, you’re in control of your data. Centralizing everything in a single platform enables you to generate work orders and store customer information in one portal, including: 

  • Customer preferences and billing terms 
  • Multiple contacts and service locations 
  • Job notes, documents, and photos 

Improve your efficiency by making customer data and work history accessible under the same hood—even on the go.  

Take data along for the ride.

Locksmiths mostly work in the field, so their physical and digital tools need to be accessible on the go. That’s why the best locksmith service dispatch software is mobile-friendly 

With mobile app access, your back office can schedule jobs and locksmiths can keep tabs on what’s up next when they’re already in the field. It’s also easy to: 

  • Communicate on the go between the office, technicians, and/or customers via SMS messaging and on-the-way alerts. 
  • Access information from anywhere in the cloud. 
  • Collect eSignatures for new scopes of work and/or completed jobs. 

Work smarter. Stop logging into and out of multiple platforms by keeping everything in one place and streamline your operations. 

Improve dispatching. 

Scheduling and dispatching efficiency is a must. And with field service dispatch software, you can finally set your pen and pad down and leverage intelligence to improve the process. 

Assign locksmiths based on job needs. 

Not all jobs are created equal. Need more experience? Or maybe just different experience? Locksmith service dispatch software can automatically assign a specific technician with a certain skill set, so you don’t have to manually search for the right team member. You can rest assured that technicians will always bring the right parts and/or tools with them to get the work done. 

Uncomplicate scheduling and dispatching. 

Who is needed where and when? Avoid over- and underbooking and adjust schedules in real time with the right tools. Locksmith software lets you leverage calendar views and drag-and-drop scheduling to move jobs and technicians as needed. You can even schedule jobs via an app and notify technicians on the spot. 

Streamline accounting. 

Juggling the financial side of your locksmith business can be a challenge. Integrate accounting into your locksmith service dispatch software to make life easier.  

Create more efficient invoicing and payments. 

What if you didn’t have to hop in and out of multiple platforms to handle customer payments? More than 80% of small businesses that use accounting software use QuickBooks, and if you’re in that majority, you can integrate it with locksmith software. Add customer data to invoices—such as name, address, payment terms, and job details—and improve invoicing and payments: 

  • Process mobile, online, and phone payments. 
  • Record payment method, status, and history. 
  • Facilitate progressive invoicing. 

Need to improve your accounting and get paid faster? Leverage field dispatch software tools.

Generate estimates.  

It shouldn’t take ages to generate service estimates, but if you’re relying on manual methods, the process can easily get drawn out. Simplify matters with technology. 

Create estimates and convert them to jobs. 

Put the service catalogs aside and avoid burning the midnight oil trying to develop solutions for customers. Locksmith service dispatch software can do the heavy lifting. Instead of pen and paper, just refer to the information you have stored in your system to automate the process. With it, you can: 

  • Generate multipage proposals. 
  • Create good/better/best options inside one estimate. 
  • Collect customer eSignatures.  

Service business software does in seconds what you could struggle to do in hours. And once your estimates get the green light, it’s just as fast to convert them into jobs. 

Elevate customer service. 

You should always strive to improve customer satisfaction. In addition to centralizing customer data for your team—from job notes to preferences to service locations—field dispatch software gives customers more control. 

Help customers help themselves with a customer-facing portal. 

Long call queues and missed calls make your business lose out on jobs. Turn the reins over to customers to get what they need on demand. Locksmith service dispatch software with a portal allows customers to do so much, such as: 

  • Schedule jobs. 
  • See job progress. 
  • Make online payments. 
  • Get in touch with you. 

Give customers what they need and get back to your highest priorities. 

Offer digital support options. 

Dedicated service is still essential to earn customer satisfaction, and there are ways to improve it to answer customer needs and retain their loyalty. Lean into the digital benefits field dispatch software provides. For instance, live chat and chatbots provide on-demand support for specific queries, while text-me-back options enable customers to start conversations on your website and allow you to continue them via text message.

Transform your operation with powerful software. 

Manual processes slow you down, reducing productivity, efficiency, and the number of jobs your team can get done! Locksmith service dispatch software can uncomplicate your business.  

What’s the next step? Find a platform that suits your needs. You can even start by using the above features and benefits to guide your must-haves from a provider. And for a little inspiration, check out how Service Fusion delivers for other locksmith businesses by exploring our case study. 


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