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Hot take: Field service management software—or service dispatch software—isn’t just about having the most features. The right software has customer service at its heart, giving you in-house insights to best serve customers. 

Want to see why? Learn the four pieces of information your platform shouldn’t leave behind.

1. Track Where Business Is Coming From

Digging for data has never been fun. Put the proverbial shovel away and take a fresh approach to your back-of-house service management. Customer service and operations alike need to know where business is coming from, so lean into technology to find out. 

Track Referral Sources

Where are prospects calling from? Caller ID can only tell you so much, but you can get deeper insights by investing in the right tools. For instance, why not buy toll-free phone numbers? This unlocks the door to see where new customer calls are coming from because you can link each unique line to specific referral sources to track leads and conversions.

Track Call Sources to Link Them to Details Within the Software

Is a caller brand new to you or a current customer? Marketing tracking can show if someone’s finding you because of an ad or another source. If the caller is a customer, the best service dispatch software should populate details regarding estimates, jobs, and work history. 

2. Incorporate Online Support

Exceptional customer service doesn’t begin and end with phone support anymore. Your field service operations need to catch up to the digital world. Online support tools are necessary to satisfy modern consumers.

Text-Me-Back Widgets 

Calling customer service often takes time, so many customers turn to online chats. But as more and more people turn to chat, that slows to a crawl, too. So how do you meet them in the middle? With a chat tool embedded into your website. 

Text-me-back widgets let users ask key questions online, but they still give you time to craft the right response. This feature of service dispatch software not only means you can start conversations online and continue them via text message, but it also makes your website more interactive with that personal service touch. It acts as a sort of call tracker that increases your odds to convert website visitors to leads.

Live Chat and Chatbots

Of course, some things just can’t wait. People need search-engine-speed responses or on-time human support. The good news is that you have options. Your business can provide answers to common queries with a chatbot and live support via live chat powered by AR

3. Track Statistics on a Dashboard

Imagine: This information is in this physical file folder, but these details are shared inside the service dispatch software. Talk about disorganization. There’s value in keeping your business data in one place, from easy access to statistics tracking that’ll help you improve. 

Performance Details 

Even the best field service businesses aren’t perfect. You’re always looking for ways to improve and make better decisions, right? With a customizable dashboard inside your field dispatch software, you can see how well various efforts are working, such as scheduling (and opportunities to improve it), training, and marketing.

Everything in One Central Location

Speaking of customization, when your service dispatch software allows you to configure your dashboards to your business needs, you can make it your all-in-one hub. Monitor the most important details in one place. And if your service software is mobile-ready—and even includes an application—you can retrieve what you need across devices without being tethered to a desktop.

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4. Record Communication for Quality Control 

Your field service operations not only need to be on top of their game but also maintain a level of consistency. One of the best ways to do this—and provide information across the organization—is to record communications for quality control. 

Benefit Your Whole Team

Can you learn anything from your call records? You sure can—and the details help customer service, back office staff, and field service technicians. When your team records calls, anyone who needs to can play them back, and if you have the right field service management software can even read call and voicemail transcripts. Empower your field service technicians with call recordings they can listen to, giving them all the details to prepare for individual jobs.

Deploy Service Dispatch Software That Beats the Competition Hands-Down

We could go on for hours about what the top field service software should do for your business. But your customers are more important—so important that in a laundry list of bells, whistles, and features, benefiting them with your software should be No. 1 on your list. Capabilities such as tracking, support, all-in-one dashboards, and quality control can help you get there. 

Service Fusion is customer-focused. That’s why our software goes above and beyond, from customer service functions to technician deployment. The proof is in the pudding—check out our comparison infographic to learn how we stack up to the competition.

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