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You only use your garage to hold random junk … right? While this could be the case, a garage often serves several purposes, so access is key. 

That’s why garage door repair is important. Imagine the headache if the motor gets jammed or the door breaks. Customers need experts like you to provide a fix, and garage door service software can expedite the process. 

Learn why the right garage door business software is so important and how to take your repairs to the next level.

Why You Need a Functional Garage Door

Up and down we go—to go to work, come home, run errands, and enjoy a little play. In fact, the average garage door opens and closes a dizzying 1,500 times each year. That’s 3-5 times per day! 

Having a functional garage door is about way more than being able to come and go with ease. Your garage door also serves several vital functions:

Inside the Garage Door Businesses and the Industry

Whether the door comes down unexpectedly, fingers get jammed, or some other fluke occurs, 30,000 injuries are caused by garage door accidents in the U.S. every year. Many happen during repair, so it makes even more sense to leave it to the pros. It’s a growing industry, too—there are around 23,300 workers in the garage door repair service industry with no signs of an employment drop on the horizon. 

Garage Door Repair Service Software Benefits

Working in such a busy industry poised for growth, you need to take steps to provide more efficient service. Field service management software is set to grow by $3.43 billion by 2024, and garage door repair service software will be a big part of that. 

Manage daily operations, your technicians, and your customers with the right cloud-based solution for your garage door management software.

Integration with Accounting Systems to Track Customer History

Show me the money! Or, at least provide quick access to details surrounding business financials. 

When your garage door service software is tied to accounting software systems like QuickBooks, you get a bi-directional sync of customers, products, and services—plus syncing for job deposits, invoices, and payments. Making frequent changes to the platform? Set it so automatic updates get pushed to your accounting system, too. 

Mobile App

“There’s an app for that” might be a tired cliché, but take it with a grain of salt because it can make garage door repair life a breeze. When service techs are constantly on the go and things keep changing behind the scenes, you need easy-to-use features to communicate. Garage door service software apps allow dispatching to quickly create estimates and share jobs so you can mobilize the right personnel. 

The app isn’t just an order-taker; it’s valuable throughout the entire project lifecycle. Back-office staff and customers alike can track job status with tools like on-the-way alerts and SMS messaging, plus technicians can take photos and log notes as their work progresses. Once a project wraps up, head back into the app to create and send invoices.

Flat-Rate Pricing 

Did you know that 92 percent of homeowners prefer to pay upfront for service, but only 20 percent of contractors offer it? With flat-rate pricing integrated into your garage door service software, customers don’t have to worry about surprise fees—and you stand a better chance to win repeat customers. 

Flat-rate pricing covers most common repairs, and techs don’t have to make any calculations in the field. All they need to do is reference the price book to charge for each job appropriately. 

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Scheduling and Dispatching with Garage Door Software

Garage door business owners know that hopping from job to job is exhausting, so don’t overwhelm your team. Busy seasons are inevitable, but garage door repair software can manage the storm. 

With drag-and-drop scheduling, you get complete visibility into each technician’s workload and can shift things around in a convenient calendar view. As a result, it’s easy to assess availability for new jobs so you can avoid both over- and under-booking. This garage door scheduling software is one of the key features to help optimize your business operations.

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Open New Possibilities for Your Garage Door Business

Running your garage door repair business should be easy, so why make it harder? Full accounting integration, on-the-go mobile features, and convenient scheduling are just the start of what garage door repair service software can do to enhance your operation. 

Because people will always need it, the garage door industry is growing. Create more efficient operations and provide better quality customer service with the right software tools by your side. 

Service Fusion has been a trusted field service management software provider for years, with a positive track record to back us up. Read our case study to learn how our cloud-based solution makes life easier.

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