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Drawn-out processes to deliver customer estimates, hefty hardcopy work orders, and waiting for payments via snail mail are enough to make you lose control—or at least want to. But is there a way to make your field service operations easier? 

Enter: Digital transformation. 

Journey with us as we explore what digital transformation is and how service dispatch software is the key piece to guide your own transformation.

Understanding Digital Transformation

Digital transformation—implementing new technologies and processes to improve business operations—is helping today’s service businesses be more efficient. But the shift is largely driven by customers’ digital orientation and their expectations about convenient products and services. 

Even before the pandemic, things were changing. But surprisingly, the adoption of digital technologies sped up during COVID-19 because companies needed a way for people to interact with them remotely. Mobile apps and software transform how business gets done, impacting everything from internal systems to customer interactions.

Looking for ways to change processes for better decision-making, efficiency, and customer experience? Trust the five steps to digital transformation:

  • Align objectives with business goals
  • Co-create between IT and business functions
  • Choose strategic partners
  • Redesign business and products around customers
  • Retrain employees to focus on digital

Understanding the general idea and framework for digital transformation is one thing, but you’re all about the practical. So what does it look like for field service? Come as you are, and find your service dispatch software nirvana.

Field service management software helped this client in the face of uncertainty, and it can help your business, too. Discover if Service Fusion is right for you.

Digital Transformation in Field Service

As an industry that’s been stuck in the past for too long, field service is making serious strides with software solutions to handle everything from back-office dispatching to on-the-road technician activities. 

Businesses like yours can digitally transform with service dispatch software in three ways:

1. Improve Communication

One of the biggest hiccups service dispatch software can solve is communication, which makes your whole business function. With software by your side, you can create more efficient internal processes and stop playing phone tag. Instead, send text messages to field workers on-the-go and even provide real-time driving directions for jobs. 

But it’s just as important to stay in step with your customers, and software helps you connect during their journey by:

  • Routing calls from customers to their technicians
  • Keeping customers and techs in touch with on-the-way alerts
  • Allowing customers to text your business back

With better communication, your business can create more efficient operations, improving customer satisfaction along the way.

2. Go Paperless

Taking paper out of your everyday processes clears the overflowing filing cabinets and saves a headache or two. You can get better—and faster—results with service dispatch software instead. 

Generate estimates. 

The right software helps you quickly create estimates and convert each into jobs with as little as one click. Number crunching and consulting service catalogs go out the window with key information in one place. As a result, you can:

  • Create multi-page proposals.
  • Allow customers to accept estimates online. 
  • Create multiple options inside one estimate.

Simplify scheduling.

Technicians get busy quickly, and service requests pop up at the last second, so you have to be nimble. Would you rather play phone tag with a tech or provide quick online scheduling? Service dispatch software helps you find your zen and move things along without missing a beat. 

  • Drag-and-drop to shift times, dates, and tech responsibility.
  • Send text messages to share job information with technicians.

Create more efficient invoicing and payments.

Delivering quality in-home service and getting paid for it can be a pain. Will it be a check in the mail or a mobile payment from Mr. Cobain? Software solves the problem, allowing field service managers to:

  • Use one system and process mobile, online, and over-the-phone payments.
  • Keep tabs on payment method, status, and history.
  • Split payments into multiple invoices via progressive invoicing, 

3. Increase Productivity

Take your time or hurry up with management software that lets you work your way. Service dispatch software supports your digital transformation by changing what productivity looks like for your team.

Work anywhere.

Getting the job done doesn’t have to mean sticking close to the office. Field technician apps keep everything in one place and provide constant visibility. Whether you’re using service dispatch software or a companion mobile app, information lives in the cloud, so you can be in the office, on the road, or in the bubble bath and do all the same things.

Do more with GPS fleet management.

Keep your technicians moving. GPS fleet management delivers data intelligence to track drivers. With it, your operation can dispatch technicians at a moment’s notice, sending the right technician for each job. As an added bonus, GPS tracking provides insights into driving behaviors to optimize routes and reduce costs.

Drift into Dispatching Bliss

Digital transformation is a process. But between technology and a burning desire to leave manual service processes behind, businesses like yours need new ways to reach the top of the charts. 

So don’t say another dirty word about your outdated processes. Find your nirvana with service dispatch software. 

Tap into our case study to see how others just like you have found success with Service Fusion’s all-in-one software.

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