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Back offices are busy with administrative tasks and dispatching, and technicians are carrying out service visits—so who’s around to answer the phones? You can’t leave customers high and dry when their appliances break or systems need maintenance.

Nexa offers unparalleled call routing so service businesses like yours can simplify customer service amid the hustle of everyday needs. Explore how call routing works and how it can help you.

Technology to Handle All Customer Inquiries

Supported by a winning combination of people and processes, Nexa’s enterprise phone system brings its call handling to life. Dynamic scripting and customization options improve the experience for customers, helping them get what they need quickly. 

Dynamic Scripting

Direct every call with ease. Nexa’s innovative dynamic scripting tool takes into account each incoming phone number or the associated Direct Inward Dialing (DID) to personalize call routing. This way, you can tailor responses for different types of inquiries:

Ever experienced this before?

Call system: Thank you for calling Dave’s Home Services! How can we direct your call? For new appointments, press one. For service, press two …

Dynamic scripting tailors prompts to customer needs, forwarding to different phone numbers based on the response. And during the transfer process, the system will generate a different script for call agents to follow.

Call Routing Customization 

Need to account for various factors? Nexa allows you to tailor call routing based on things such as time of day, caller needs, and predefined business rules. 

  • Ask questions in the beginning, such as: Is this an emergency? 
  • Designate phone numbers for specific purposes, such as appointment scheduling. 

Real Results for Service Businesses

With experience across industry verticals ranging from healthcare to home service, Nexa keeps communication flowing. Over 70% of the home service vertical specializes in plumbing, electrical, and HVAC services, bringing call agents with deep industry understanding to support your customers—rather than catchall call reps.

Tailored Services 

Whether you’re hustling in the spring or in the fall, you know your busiest seasons. But the lull during off-peak periods can be a struggle. Nexa helps to keep business flowing beyond traditional seasons with outbound efforts. Call agents can leverage your member lists to maintain engagement and keep technicians busy, whether it’s by scheduling office visits or home services.

Reporting and Analytics for Business Owners 

But what’s actually going on behind the scenes? Nexa provides reporting tools to monitor key call metrics—from average talk time to abandon rate. Optimize call routing through your:

  • Insights dashboard: Get data on arrival patterns of incoming calls, including day and time breakdowns to anticipate call spikes and manage staffing. 
  • Outcomes dashboard: Monitor performance and identify areas for improvement via outcome-based reporting. 
  • Automated API reporting: Generate daily, weekly, or monthly performance updates based on your preferences. 

3 Benefits of Nexa for Call Routing

Save your sanity and some green along the way. Nexa makes life a little easier so you can focus on service delivery and growing your business. With expert call routing, you can expect to: 

Maximize Revenue Opportunities

Think about why your customers usually call you. Questions? Support? Upwards of 50-60% of calls are actually bookable appointments, and if you don’t answer, you’re throwing money away. Nexa keeps revenue rolling in by answering for you—from direct calls to those driven by your marketing spend. 

Minimize Staff Burnout 

If your business has a tiny call team—or you make do by rotating call duties among other roles—it could add up to long hours, poor call experiences, and burnout. Nexa takes the reins so you don’t overwork your staff to the point that they become inattentive during calls—or just miss them altogether.

Save Staffing Costs

Don’t let your phones just keep ringing during off hours—or worse, turn them off. Customers need to know they can reach you anytime. Still, 24/7/365 call support is expensive, and even a service business would need at least five people for in-house support—or approximately $300,000 worth of salary and benefits. Cut that down to a fraction of the cost with Nexa by your side. 

Choose Nexa for Your Home Service Business

Call routing and answering can be the first line of defense for impactful customer communications. Leverage Nexa’s advanced technology and home service expertise to customize calls for what your customers need. 

Nexa Home Service agents exclusively answer calls for Home Service clients—instead of multiple industries—and onboarding for Service Fusion contractors is a breeze. Start off by defining the right services, then collaborate to determine scripts, escalation processes, pricing, and services to support. Nexa ensures a full set up, programming, and implementation in just a few weeks—plus continuous support for 60 days. 

BONUS: Service Fusion customers receive 15% off standard pricing. Get started today to take advantage of this special offer. 

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