A Better Way to Run Your Pool Service Business

Guarantee your success with a combination of customer-facing and back-office pool service software solutions that improve your business. Communication tools and online payment features enhance customer experiences and create a competitive advantage.

Simplify Your Business

All-in-one pool service software delivers everything to keep your business swimming right along.

Increase Productivity

Swimming pool business software keeps teams moving and even saves time through increased visibility and control.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Keep techs and customers in sync with pool service software that simplifies jobs and encourages retention.

Remote-Ready Pool Service Software

Take Control of Your Pool Service Business

Always on the move? Service Fusion’s pool services software supports operators in the field and the office. Improve your cash flow and achieve better technician and job status visibility via the mobile app.

  • Create estimates and convert them to jobs
  • Schedule and dispatch technicians
  • Maintain customer data and job histories
  • Streamline payments to get paid faster
  • Automatically sync with QuickBooks
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All-in-One Pool Service Software

Optimize Your Operations

Run your business with swimming pool service software that handles estimates, scheduling, on-the-go field technicians, and everything in between.

  • Provide good/better/best estimates in print or via email
  • Accelerate agreements with virtual eSign options
  • Improve field visibility with fleet tracking
  • Reduce paperwork with mobile features
  • Make life easier and save time with automation
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Pool Service Scheduling and Dispatch Software

Increase Productivity

Keep your team in sync from anywhere. Simplify scheduling and increase dispatch efficiency with advanced capabilities.

  • Manage jobs in a drag-and-drop calendar
  • Text or call to share job details with the field
  • See all jobsite activity in one place
  • Scale your business faster
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Quotation Mark I feel like (the integration) just streamlines everything and makes everything a little more on the same page. Quotation Mark
Mary Edrington - Nick’s Refrigeration 

Pool Service Estimates and Invoices

Set Your Business Up to Grow

Quickly bring in new business with custom estimates and convert them to jobs in one click.

  • Add prepopulated product and service line items to estimates
  • Convert estimates to jobs in seconds
  • Link jobs and estimates to call sources
  • Prioritize jobs and assign them to your sales team
  • Schedule on-site visits
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Pool Service Mobile App

Connect Your Office and Pool Service Technicians

KeEnable real-time communication between field workers and back-office staff to better serve customers.

  • Share estimates and dispatch job assignments
  • Give techs directions to each job
  • Take and record job photos and notes
  • Capture pre-work and post-work signatures
  • Create and send invoices
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Pool Service Customer Management

Delight Your Customers

Foster customer retention through user-friendly communication tools.

  • Offer web booking for customers to obtain service on their schedules
  • Share pre-job text messages to tell customers when techs will arrive
  • Enable communication via calls, texts, and pictures with ServiceCall.ai
  • Offer flexible online payments, including recurring billing
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Manage Customer Calls with Service Fusion

Scheduling & Dispatching

Streamline dispatching with a drag-and-drop calendar that makes it easy to avoid over- or under booking.

Connected Workforce

Give your team full visibility into converted estimates, job statuses, payments, and more.
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Enterprise-Level Features, Small Business Pricing

Scale the business with affordable pool service software that aligns with your needs—not the number of users you have

Estimates & Jobs

Generate estimates and jobs with prepopulated products and service line items.

QuickBooks Integration

Bring your pool business software and accounting system together without lifting a finger.

Payment Platform

Activate FusionPay to process credit, debit, and ACH inside your all-in-one pool service software.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pool Service Software?

Pool service software is a specialized management tool designed for pool service companies to streamline their operations. It typically includes features for scheduling jobs, managing customer information, dispatching technicians, invoicing, and sometimes even route optimization and inventory management.

What Are The Benefits Of Pool Service Software?

Improving visibility between the office and job sites enables irrigation businesses to improve both productivity and efficiency. Many businesses see decreased downtime and more predictable and reliable cash flow after onboarding an all-in-one irrigation business software solution. The benefits of pool service software include:
  • Improved Efficiency: Automates scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Allows for better communication with customers and faster response times.
  • Better Resource Management: Optimizes technician routes and manages inventory effectively.
  • Financial Tracking: Tracks revenue, expenses, and profitability more accurately.

What Is Pool Service Dispatching Software?

Pool service dispatching software is a component of pool service software that specifically focuses on scheduling and dispatching technicians to service locations efficiently. It helps manage technician availability, job assignments, and real-time updates on job status.

What Are The Benefits Of Automating Pool Service Scheduling And Dispatch?

Automating scheduling and dispatching helps pool service contractors by:
  • Reducing Response Times: Quickly assigns jobs to available technicians.
  • Optimizing Routes: Minimizes travel time and fuel costs.
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction: Ensures timely service and updates.
  • Enhancing Productivity: Allows technicians to focus more on servicing pools than administrative tasks.

Does Service Fusion Integrate With QuickBooks?  

Yes, Service Fusion easily integrates with your QuickBooks accounting system, keeping you up to date without having to press a single extra button. This integration includes:
  • Bi-directional sync of customers, products, and services
  • Automatic synchronization of job deposits, invoices, and payments
  • Automatic updates pushed to QuickBooks when changes are made in Service Fusion
Service Fusion is also a QuickBooks Solution Provider that can provide you discounts on QuickBooks and other Intuit products and services.

What Are the Benefits of VoIP Solutions for Irrigation Service Contractors?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions offer benefits such as:
  • Cost Savings: Lower phone bills compared to traditional landlines.
  • Flexibility: Allows calls to be routed to mobile devices, enabling field communication.
  • Advanced Features: Voicemail to email, call forwarding, and virtual receptionist capabilities enhance professionalism and customer service.

What Are The Benefits Of GPS Fleet Tracking For Pool Service Contractors?

GPS fleet tracking provides several advantages:
  • Real-Time Location Monitoring: Allows dispatchers to track technician locations and manage routes efficiently.
  • Improved Safety: Ensures drivers adhere to speed limits and safe driving practices.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Optimizes routes to reduce fuel costs.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Provides accurate ETAs and updates to customers.

Why Should I Collect Payments Through FusionPay?

Another major benefit to utilizing field service management software is the ability to integrate and unify your financials data. A payment processing integration allows you to accept credit, debit, or automated clearing house (ACH) payments anytime. You’ll also gain visibility into all payment history and be able to easily download PDFs or export to CSV for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. The result is an optimized payment process that improves cash flow, financial operations, and the customer experience all at once. Learn More

How Much Does Pool Service Management Software Cost?

The cost of pool service management software varies based on features, number of users, and the size of your business. Typically, prices can range from a monthly subscription fee per user to annual licenses. Prices might start from a few hundred dollars per month for smaller businesses and can increase based on the scale and features required.

How We Serve Pool Service Management Businesses Like Yours

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Track Your Fleet with Service Fusion

Track Your Fleet

Deploy real-time GPS fleet tracking to find the right technicians for jobs, reduce fuel costs, and monitor for unauthorized use. Start Tracking
Manage Customer Calls with Service Fusion

Manage Customer Calls

Turn on call tracking to manage customer requests and provide exceptional service. Manage Calls
Accept Payments with Service Fusion

Get Paid Faster

Automate invoicing and offer online payments to close the book on each job. Get Paid

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