A Better Way to Run Your Irrigation Business

Serve customers better and keep your operations moving with irrigation business management software. Build a competitive advantage with tools to communicate better and self-service options for teams and customers alike.

Simplify Your Business

All-in-one irrigation business software makes life easier with features to automate everyday operations, from estimates to billing.

Increase Productivity

Irrigation business management software helps teams move between tasks and jobs with schedule visibility and job checklists while you get full visibility and control.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Build trust with irrigation business software that improves communication before, during, and after jobs and encourages customer retention.

Remote-Ready Irrigation Software

Take Control of Your Irrigation Business

Maintain productivity no matter the location. Service Fusion’s irrigation business software supports both in-office and remote operations with a mobile app to improve efficiency, cash flow, and job visibility.

  • Generate estimates and convert them into jobs in 60 seconds
  • Schedule and dispatch jobs with drag-and-drop features
  • Maintain customer data, photos, and job histories
  • Get paid faster with a self-service payment portal
  • Bring accounting and service together with QuickBooks integration
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All-in-One Irrigation Software

Optimize Your Operations

Break through to new efficiency levels with irrigation estimating software that simplifies job, scheduling, and technician management.

  • Offer good/better/best estimates in print or via email
  • Accelerate agreements with virtual eSign options
  • Improve tech visibility with GPS fleet tracking
  • Reduce paperwork with mobile app features
  • Save time by automating tasks
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Irrigation Scheduling and Dispatch Software

Increase Productivity

Keep your team busy and still stay connected. Irrigation scheduling software takes dispatching to the next level with convenient features to manage jobs.

  • Shift job dates and assignments with a drag-and-drop calendar
  • Text or call technicians with relevant job details
  • Oversee jobsite activity inside a desktop platform or app
  • Scale up with features that grow with you
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Quotation Mark I feel like (the integration) just streamlines everything and makes everything a little more on the same page. Quotation Mark
Mary Edrington - Nick’s Refrigeration 

Irrigation Estimating Software and Invoices

Set Your Business Up to Grow

Get paid and secure new business with irrigation billing software that streamlines estimates, job creation, and invoicing.

  • Create estimates with prepopulated service line items
  • Convert estimates into jobs in one click
  • Attribute jobs and estimates to specific call sources
  • Effortlessly schedule on-site visits
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Irrigation Service Mobile App

Connect Your Office and Irrigation Technicians

Keep field technicians, customers, and back-office staff in touch in real-time via text and through the software.

  • Share estimates and job assignments
  • Provide driving directions to job sites
  • Upload notes, customer preferences, and photos
  • Capture pre- and post-work signatures
  • Generate print or digital invoices
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Irrigation Business Customer Management

Delight Your Customers

Foster customer retention through user-friendly communication tools.

  • Offer self-service web booking and online payments
  • Send on-the-way alerts so they know when techs will arrive
  • Communicate via calls and texts with ServiceCall.ai
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Manage Customer Calls with Service Fusion

Scheduling & Dispatching

Avoid over- or underbooking with irrigation scheduling software that integrates a quick-edit drag-and-drop calendar.

Connected Workforce

Give your team insights and updates about converted estimates, job statuses, payments, and more.
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Enterprise-Level Features, Small Business Pricing

Keep growing with irrigation business software pricing that’s based on your needs—not the number of users.

Estimates & Jobs

Move from estimates to jobs in seconds and add prepopulated products and service line items.

QuickBooks Integration

Connect your irrigation service business software to your accounting platform to integrate data, avoid duplicate entries, and ensure accuracy.

Payment Platform

Securely process credit, debit, and ACH payments with the integrated FusionPay platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Irrigation Service Software?  

Irrigation service business software is a suite of field service solutions that streamline and automate communication, customer service, and technician management. The best irrigation business software brings key functions under one roof so you can reduce your tech stack and manage the day-to-day. Handle scheduling, dispatching, fleet tracking, inventory management, estimates, invoicing, payments, and accounting in one place!

What Are the Benefits of Irrigation Service Software?  

Improving visibility between the office and job sites enables irrigation businesses to improve both productivity and efficiency. Many businesses see decreased downtime and more predictable and reliable cash flow after onboarding an all-in-one irrigation business software solution.

What Is Irrigation Service Dispatching Software? 

Irrigation scheduling software can improve both job scheduling and dispatching, all while offering more visibility into jobs, estimates, and even field tech status.

What Are the Benefits of Automating Irrigation Service Scheduling and Dispatch?  

Irrigation business management software offers operators more control over technicians and automates routing and scheduling, driving efficiency and productivity for continued business growth.

Does Service Fusion Integrate With QuickBooks?  

Service Fusion easily integrates with your QuickBooks accounting system and is a proud QuickBooks Solution Provider. We pull your accounting information into our irrigation business software automatically to reduce duplicate entries and data errors. The integration offers:
  • Bi-directional sync of customers, products, and services
  • Automatic synchronization of job deposits, invoices, and payments
  • Automatic updates in QuickBooks when changes are made to Service Fusion

What Are the Benefits of VoIP Solutions for Irrigation Service Contractors?

VoIP solutions enable your irrigation company to manage the entire customer lifecycle, whether a customer is new or returning for repeat business. The included call tracking provides insights into how and where customers find your company to understand the most successful new business drivers. Our ServiceCall.ai VoIP solution enables you to:
  • Advertise your phone lines as call and text numbers
  • Improve customer service with consistent support
  • Discreetly route calls to techs with Ring-a-Tech
  • Track call reasons and outcomes to optimize operations
  • Record and transcribe calls to review in Service Fusion or your inbox

What Are the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Irrigation Service Contractors?  

GPS fleet tracking provides visibility across your entire operation. The real-time data and location tracking help you connect with and assign available technicians with the right skills, all while helping you to:
  • Achieve 1,000% ROI in your first year
  • Elevate customer satisfaction
  • Improve driver behavior
  • Prevent unauthorized use
  • Drive down fuel costs
  • Reduce insurance premiums

Why Should I Collect Payments Through FusionPay?  

Irrigation billing software unifies your financial data. FusionPay is built directly into Service Fusion to simplify payment processing. Your team can enter details as part of its billing and payment process or enable self-service for customers to pay via credit, debit, or ACH. Plus, keep your data organized with convenient payment histories to streamline accounting and bookkeeping. Improve cash flow and customer service with FusionPay. Learn More

How Much Does Irrigation Service Business Software Cost?  

Irrigation business management software scales with you to accommodate your growing business and features that can help your business the most. Most vendors offer monthly subscriptions and/or annual licenses—but also charge per user. Service Fusion takes a different approach, delivering what you need with prices based on the scale and features required for your implementation.

How We Serve Irrigation Service Management Businesses Like Yours

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Track Your Fleet with Service Fusion

Track Your Fleet

Use GPS fleet tracking to find and assign technicians based on skills and job needs while monitoring on-the-road behavior to ensure safety and control costs. Start Tracking
Manage Customer Calls with Service Fusion

Manage Customer Calls

Use call tracking to understand how customers are finding your irrigation business. Plus, find ways for the team to improve customer service. Manage Calls
Accept Payments with Service Fusion

Get Paid Faster

Automate invoicing and collect online payments in one platform to expedite job completion. Get Paid

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