But you have your choice of providers, so what makes Service Fusion the right bet for your business?

Learn how Service Fusion provides 360-degree field service management support and creates better customer experiences. Read on, or download a PDF of the infographic.

What are Service Fusion’s biggest differentiator(s)?

Service Fusion is based around three key differentiators: increasing efficiencies, saving operational time, and helping folks get back to their lives outside of work to do what they want. As a cloud-based software that works anywhere, Service Fusion is remote-friendly and equally accessible from the road and from home. Log into the platform to:
  • See how your business is running
  • Make changes to schedules, customer data, and more
  • Send out service tickets to deploy technicians
When you’re finished, easily go back to enjoying time with family and friends!

How do you enable companies to improve their efficiency and work remotely?

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Service Fusion overhauled its admin system and field worker app, allowing customers to be more efficient in their day to day operations. The platform is designed to help contractors and users who work from home part- or full-time to interact and connect. Features like recurring billing, automated billing, and progressive billing add flexibility, creating efficient payment requests and allowing customers to pay for services incrementally. Service Fusion has also made improvements to in-app and customer notifications, inventory management, and service agreement management. Users can request jobs via text messages, and service representatives can easily refer to call scripts to ensure they’re keeping up the company’s desired voice and tone while providing exceptional customer service.

What kinds of added value do you provide to clients?

Service Fusion is proud to provide a real human touch and goes the extra mile for each implementation. Most companies charge an average of $2,000 for onboarding and implementation. Service Fusion doesn’t charge for implementation, and customers get a dedicated rep to reach out to for questions, training, importing data, and bringing their teams up to speed on the software for the long term. As customers grow and evolve, Service Fusion is always available for training and onboarding. We host live training with the implementation team Monday through Thursday at 10 a.m. Central, and trainings are available on demand. Have additional questions? After onboarding, reach out to your implementation manager and sales rep for anything you need. Not to mention, we include unlimited training through email, phone, and/or live chat.

How do new clients get started with Service Fusion?

At Service Fusion, we guide each customer through a proprietary onboarding process through three levels of support:
  • Sales
  • Implementation
  • Technical support
New customers begin by talking to sales, who answer as many questions as possible about the Service Fusion platform and its features. Once you’re ready to roll out Service Fusion for your operation, our implementation team provides structured white-glove service to help you and your team learn and implement the new solution. Finally, our technical team is on-hand to assist with any technical issues as you begin to use your field management software.

Is Service Fusion really an all-in-one solution?

Yes! Everything you need is within one platform—from the moment a call comes in to the moment you invoice it out. Some of our most useful features include:
  • Servicecall.ai, our phone tracking and routing system that allows Service Fusion to forward calls to software. From the moment the call is made, create jobs and estimates within Service Fusion.
  • GPS fleet tracking, to keep track of where technicians are with real-time visibility and trip history. Get insights about idle time, drive time, and trip history, with a breadcrumb trail to see how many miles have been driven by the entire team and their driving behaviors. GPS fleet tracking helps you determine whether or not to bring on more vehicles for your fleet, cut down on idle time, and balance worker drive time.
  • Mobile app, with real-time messaging and other vital features. Technicians can receive work orders directly from their worker app, add notes, complete their tasks, and notify customers when they're on the way.
  • FusionPay invoicing and payments, available immediately following each job. Once they complete a job, technicians can start invoicing and scan customer credit cards directly. With direct integration with the admin system, accounting knows what’s been invoiced versus what’s been paid in full. Learn more about FusionPay.

Where do competitors fall short of Service Fusion?

Service Fusion stands above the competition in terms of ease of use, support, and price. Our competitors provide service based on a smaller business model. One- or two-man startups lack in user interface and user experience. By contrast, Service Fusion serves clients that have five or more techs and need more customization and data-capturing. Additionally, small operations are sometimes only available via Facebook support, which isn’t ideal for customers. But with Service Fusion, you can reach us online or give us a call without having to wait for a chat rep. We make the experience even easier by speaking in layman's terms. Plus we offer zero setup fees and no contract requirements. All customers get unlimited users, regardless of their plan. Companies in the small to medium-sized categories enjoy this because it lowers overhead costs, enabling them to scale their business, bring in more technicians, increase jobs, stay organized, and manage their time.

How does Service Fusion handle projects that require a custom setup?

For each project, Service Fusion goes through a needs assessment to discover issues and pain points. Once we understand what really frustrates the customer, we formulate recommended solutions, informing them whether or not to use custom fields. For projects that require customization, Service Fusion demonstrates how to solve for unique needs during the product demo, based on metrics you’re tracking already and similar prior customizations.

How does Service Fusion incorporate automation features?

In field service management software, status management provides automation. Whether it's tasks that need to be completed or uploading task photos, signatures, and notes on equipment, use Service Fusion to make each step more efficient before moving along the workflow. Everything is aligned within the platform. Service Fusion lightens the load for menial tasks, from sending emails to generating calls.

How does Service Fusion save costs for small service businesses?

Service Fusion provides a ton of value within your chosen plan. Our platform provides features that shave clerical expenses otherwise spent on additional software. Some features include:
  • Fusion Drive—similar to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Apple iCloud—that provides file storage and shares documents or folders with customers at no additional cost
  • A complementary customer email broadcast for mass emails
With many pricing options, Service Fusion cuts out the middleman to keep everything organized in one place.

Aside from exceptional all-in-one software, what does Service Fusion strive to be known for?

Service Fusion is dedicated to building trust with contractors and forming long-term relationships. We can only do this with deep integrity, the cornerstone of our business. Our close partnership with our clients, paired with exceptional field service management software, set you up for success.

Service Fusion Works for You

Keeping track of drivers, jobs, and customer needs gets chaotic, especially in a remote-forward world. Trust an all-in-one solution that works for both sides from Service Fusion.

Our field service management solution features include:







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