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Nod if any of this sounds familiar: regular biweekly cleanings, last-minute appointments, and crews scrambling to fulfill job needs. Running a cleaning business gets hectic—and even thankless at times. But a little tech assist can make the day-to-day so much easier. So start by cleaning your house—aka your processes. Field service dispatch software improves your cleaning operations from beginning to end. 

1. Streamlined Communication 

Missed calls, long wait times, confused workers—just another day, right? Make communication easier from all angles and become more efficient. 

Communicate with customers.

Picture this: a world where you no longer have to play phone tag with customers. Field service dispatch software opens up communication, whether it’s direct calls between techs and customers or automated notifications, such as on-the-way alerts. Ready to go from estimate to job? Kick holdups in the keister, too, with quick e-signatures. 

Keep up with team members.

What’s on the agenda? Once you enter new jobs, trust your software to generate job notifications for responsible techs. Get in touch via text message or call, and implement presets with job requirements and equipment so your people know exactly what to do and when. 

2. Simplified Scheduling

Balance being busy with being productive and ensure your customers are No. 1. Leverage software tools to plan jobs as they come. 

Get everyone on the same page. 

A perfect day for your cleaning service: Everyone knows what they need to do, and no one throws you curveballs. Life is unpredictable, so changes happen, but field service dispatch software can get all the players on the field at game time with drag-and-drop features to shift scheduling and a calendar view to avoid under- and overbooking. 

Get the right people at the right jobs at the right time. Automate your scheduling and make it easy.

3. Seamless Transition from First Touch to Repeat Customer 

Going from “Hello” to “Happy to serve you again” isn’t a guarantee, so your cleaning business needs to bring its best all the time. A big part of winning repeat customers is balancing personalization with organization. 

Create estimates and convert them to jobs. 

Dust and mop or wall-to-wall deep clean? Please your customers and win their loyalty early by putting their needs first. Field service dispatch software lets you create good/better/best estimate options and share with customers their way—digital or print—for their sign-off. And when they’re ready to move forward, all it takes is just a few clicks to move them into the job pipeline and scheduling queue. 

Keep all client info in one place. 

What went well on a job and what didn’t? What do each of your customers need? As your business grows, these sorts of things are harder to remember offhand, so it helps to record customer information. The right software provides a central location for important details, such as: 

  • Communication preferences 
  • Cleaning frequencies and needs 
  • Job notes for future reference 

Want to continue to delight customers? Research shows that 59% of customers say that personalization based on previous interactions is critical to retaining their business. Understand customer information to deliver the best and boost your chances of relearning their business. After all, customers who have a positive experience are likely to spend 140% more than those who have a negative experience! 

4. On-Time Payments 

Put that money in the bank. The only thing worse than waiting for customers to pay for their cleaning job is having a payment get lost on its way to you. Keep your cash flow strong by automating payments instead. 

Stop missing payments. 

Snail mail billing is so slowwww. Instead of waiting for paper checks to come rolling in from customers, leverage digital tools that handle everything in real time—and empower your workers to get paid with: 

  • In-field mobile payments 
  • Self-service payments 
  • Automated invoicing and payment reminders 

Keep all of your systems up to date. 

Make accounting quicker with a QuickBooks integration. Field service dispatch software takes all of your accounting data and pulls it into one platform so you can stop bouncing back and forth. Avoid double entry in separate platforms, and sync invoices and payment records.  

5. Visibility into Jobsite Activity  

Don’t wonder how each job is going—and try not to distract your team by texting for updates. Access field service dispatch software any time from the main platform or mobile app and see the latest activity. 

See more in a mobile app. 

Have everything you need in your back pocket. Field service dispatch software inside a mobile app helps you work from anywhere, allowing you to access job details and documents and reduce office visits. 

Manage daily activities without staying stuck at your desk. Mobile flexibility can keep your cleaning crews rolling. 

Discover Your Right-Hand Solution 

Keep your house clean so your crews can do the same for customers. It just takes the right tools, and field service dispatch software should top your list—ahead of the mop and broom.  

Deliver better service with communication, scheduling, and payment automation. Not sure what to look for in a software solution? Download Service Fusion’s checklist and find your ideal fit!

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