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Managing multiple phone numbers, tracking lead sources, and missing calls are some of the day-to-day hurdles that service contractors deal with every day. From having multiple phone numbers for your marketing lead sources to managing incoming sales calls versus support calls. The simplest of calls can become a headache while working away from the office.

VoIP tools are great ways to keep your business operating at 100% with your team all working remotely from the office.

VoIP, which stands for Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol, takes your phone system and puts it online. All of your calls are routed and managed through the internet and provided to you via a web browser application, like, or native application on your computer.

What are The Benefits of VoIP?

  1. Phone calls can be managed on your computer.Having the ability to check voicemails, make and receive calls right from your PC or laptop eliminates the need for bulky, expensive hardware that takes up office space and immobilizes you. enables you to telework anywhere and have real-time instant communication so you won’t ever have to miss out on important conversations.
  2. Security/encryption.A professionally installed VoIP network is highly secure. In addition, many analog phone systems for businesses are becoming outdated and getting less developed. With analog phones trajecting on a downward slope, support becomes less and less available — leaving your business vulnerable to data and security breach.
  3. Automated assistance.Automated assistance is pretty common in today’s call systems. Someone calls in and has options to make contact with your business, then gets routed to the appropriate department/service.’s automated assistance makes it easy for your team to manage operations smoothly when your business starts getting an influx of calls and gives your customers options to receive the services they need the first time around.
  4. Call recording.This is a game-changer capability that not only you can leverage for training and improvement opportunities for your call team, but also for your technicians. Call recording allows technicians to listen on calls before arriving and be fully informed on job details and expectations. This level of service and preparedness makes your customers feel like they were valued and heard the first time.
  5. Increased has proven to increase productivity because it decreases the amount of time a customer spends on a call with you which as a result, frees up your time to perform other tasks that need to get done quickly and efficiently. Specifically, features like Ring-a-Tech allows customers to make contact directly with their assigned technicians so they can better plan their day for service fulfillment.
  6. Easier to track calls.A VoIP system like makes call tracking processes easy to leverage and allows you to gain key insights when making important business decisions. The user experience is designed to be simple and easy to see where your calls and business is coming from, and what the outcome of those calls are.
  7. More data to analyze.In conjunction with call tracking, unlocks your capability to gain a wide range of data insights to hone in on your business. Insights like call agents’ daily performance analytics allow you to make informed decisions on scheduling, training, and marketing.
  8. Cost-effective.As we’ve mentioned earlier, having a VoIP system allows you to reduce overhead costs by having less expensive hardware and makes it easy to manage call-flow optimization since calls are coming directly from your computer. It may seem like penny and nickel savings, but that starts to add up on a larger scale as you grow your business. Additionally, you’re saving hundreds of dollars on analog phone systems by purely switching to a VoIP system like that you can take advantage of no matter where you are.


As technology continues to make its strides in the service industry, VoIP services, like, are answering many, if not all, of the primary communication needs companies require from telephone systems. Ensure your teams are working together to better understand and recognize the value of VoIP so that you can continue to deliver your best service from anywhere. If you’re considering moving your business to a remote work model with the help of, don’t hesitate to reach out to Service Fusion and schedule a free demo today.

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