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Operating a business is always going to be a challenge. This is especially true when it comes to a service provider business using any form of field service management. Sometimes managing the field means you’re juggling one or two systems, and still using manual processes for the rest.

Although operations managers may enjoy a challenge, they’re always looking for ways to make operations easier. These days, that means managers are making their operations life easier with field service dispatch software.

Operations managers who have invested in field service dispatch software enjoy benefits including:

    • Simple and intuitive scheduling and dispatching with an easy drag-and-drop grid
    • Customer management that simplifies data and keeps it all in one place
    • Text message notifications that encourage clearer communication between customers and technicians
    • Time tracking and payroll reports, so you can monitor every part of your business, including your remote workers

Get Simple and Intuitive Scheduling

Forget the idea of scheduling and dispatching only being a front-office task. What happens in the front office impacts the entire company. And these days, the “front office” can be quite mobile. With field service dispatch software, you can run your operations from anywhere.

Well, with the right software as a service (SaaS), you can. With the right dispatch software solution, you can view all jobs and estimates from one convenient place, even eliminating the need for a filing cabinet.

However, you must choose your SaaS wisely. This means looking for a solution that will let you:

    • Easily shift times and dates with a drag-and-drop grid
    • Send job information to field techs
    • Use voice or text without ever switching systems

Level Up Your Customer Management with Field Service Dispatch Software

Have you ever considered how field service dispatch software can help with customer management? Really! The benefits don’t just simplify the work-life of everyone on the company side, it also makes life a lot easier for customers—which is always a good thing.

Gone are the days you spent sorting through old-school physical files when the customer contacted you and expected you to know all about them and their preferences. Within one cloud-based solution, you can create multiple customer contacts and service locations, plus set their communication preferences, which simplifies all customer information into one convenient place. You can find everything you need to know about a specific customer, from where they prefer you park during service visits to whether they like reminder calls or texts.

With the field service dispatch software, you can also:

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Improve Communication with Text Message Notifications

One of the biggest headaches that come with operating a service provider business is scheduled jobs. Previously, once a technician was in the field but before they arrived on-site, the only point of contact the customer had was the front office—who couldn’t always get a hold of a technician in a timely fashion. It’s happened to us all, and it makes the customer feel abandoned, no matter how little control everyone had over the situation.

These days, field service dispatch software makes good use of everyone’s favorite, convenient way to communicate: texting.

With text messaging within the software application, field technicians can communicate with both customers and the front office quickly and in real-time. You’ll always be able to get hold of your technicians.

Plus, if you make sure your field service dispatch software has GPS tracking, you’ll always know where your techs are. You can generate automatic SMS notifications about scheduled jobs, on-the-way alerts, and more—anything that helps communication with your customers.

Use Time Tracking and Payroll Reports to Fine Tune Business Operations

Ever wish you had a magical report that showed you exactly what went on in the office every day? Something that tracked office activity, overtime, and good old-fashioned payroll?

You can do that now, and it’s not magic—it’s just really great field service dispatch software. It makes the processes feel like magic, though, like a wave of the fairy godmother’s wand. Today’s technology offers operations managers tools to fundamentally make their jobs easier while giving you the information you need to make the best decisions.

The best field service dispatch software provides reporting on:

    • Payroll
    • Office hours activity
    • Staff work hours
    • Remote workers
    • Clocking in and out
    • Populated, time-based payroll reports (with regular overtime pay)

Get What You Need: Invest in the Right Field Service Dispatch Software

As you can see, field service dispatch software isn’t just for huge corporations with massive fleets anymore. There are affordable options for service provider businesses, even options that require no contracts and let you pay monthly. Make sure you choose a solution that has everything you need, because not all field service dispatch software solutions are the same.

Before you buy, get a better idea of what you need by reading our eBook, How Field Service Management Helps Grow Your Business. You’ll find deeper insights into what we touched on here, plus more ways field service dispatch software can truly make your life easier and grow your business at the same time.


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