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If you’ve ever spent late hours at the office trying to build out service estimates or figure out your technicians’ schedules for the week, you’ve probably wondered if there’s a better way. Software keeps locksmith businesses like yours running smoothly, making these and so many other tasks easier by ditching manual processes in favor of automation.  

Get time back for yourself, your family, and for higher-value business priorities with tools to manage jobs better. Not sure where to start? Take a peek at a starter list of trusted locksmith software solutions. 

Field Service Management Providers 

There are so many fish in a sea of field service software pros that it can be a headache to sort out who could truly help you. But you’ll have a better chance if you dip your toes in first by comparing just a few providers instead of exploring the whole ocean. 


Don’t have proper software experience? Jobber was built to be easy to use and keep your business moving. With 200,000 customers, Jobber delivers—especially for financial functions. 

Payments and invoicing 

While Jobber bills itself as robust field service and locksmith software, it shines brightest in financial functions. Need to streamline invoices and payments? Jobber has several features to help:  

  • Auto-generate invoices upon job completion. 
  • Send multiple invoices at once with batch invoicing. 
  • Send automatic invoice reminders to customers. 
  • Accept online payments via the client hub. 
  • Offer card reader payment compatibility at jobsites. 
  • Process automatic payments with a card on file. 

HouseCall Pro 

Housecall Pro dips its toes into various parts of field service management but excels primarily at making your invoicing a snap. Trusted by 30,000-plus customers, the provider helps locksmiths and other service businesses ditch the manual paperwork involved in invoicing and payments. 

Payments and invoicing 

In a one-to-one comparison, HouseCall Pro stands up directly against Jobber as another platform that is best for payments and invoicing. It works almost the same way, too: 

  • Collect deposits before jobs and generate invoices for multiple customers with batch invoicing. 
  • Send automatic payment reminders and follow-ups via the mobile app. 
  • Offer compatibility with Google Wallet and Apple Pay card readers. 
  • Collect 30-minute payments in person, online, or over the phone.  

Service Fusion

As a premier all-in-one field service management software, Service Fusion delivers enterprise-level solutions. Run your locksmith business from anywhere with features for payments and invoicing, plus scheduling and customer relationship management (CRM). Service Fusion has helped 6,500-plus customers achieve a 40% average productivity increase. 


Service Fusion has the power to act as your CRM, so it’s easy to manage customer records and relationships to provide exceptional service. With it, your team can: 

  • Manage multiple customer contacts. 
  • Add service locations. 
  • Set communication preferences. 

Estimates and jobs 

But what about moving jobs through the pipeline? Drawing up project estimates manually can take hours. Luckily, Service Fusion pulls from your service catalogs and price books to simplify the process, helping you: 

  • Create and send estimates in minutes, including good/better/best options. 
  • Collect digital signatures to obtain customer approval. 
  • Convert estimates to jobs in seconds with just a few clicks. 

Scheduling and dispatching 

Don’t know who to send on a job? Need to balance the schedule between techs?  Scheduling and dispatching are like chess—make a wrong move and your queen is toast. But you can make the game easier. Service Fusion helps you: 

  • Shift times with drag-and-drop capabilities in a calendar grid. 
  • Send job details to field technicians via SMS messaging. 
  • Access GPS tracking data to find the right tech for last-minute jobs. 

Real-time communication 

“Where’s my locksmith?” “What time will you be here to do the repair?” Put these questions to rest and close the service window by keeping communication open. Service Fusion connects customers to you by enabling SMS messaging with technicians and on-the-way alerts. 

Mobile app 

Enable progress and productivity from anywhere. Service Fusion gives time back and provides remote flexibility with a mobile app that does everything the full platform does. Back-office staff and technicians alike can improve job management with access to: 

  • Maps and driving directions  
  • Job photos and notes 
  • Pre- and post-work signatures 

Choosing Software for Specific Needs 

Jack-of-all-trades software isn’t for everyone. After all, maybe your locksmith business just needs one or two tools instead. Get the best software solutions for specific functions. 

Payments with PaySimple 

Happy with your locksmith software, but it doesn’t come with payment features? Add a payment solution. Our sister company, PaySimple, makes payments a snap: 

  • An integrated payment option accepts cards and ACH payments. 
  • A PCI DSS-compliant option integrates with locksmith software. 

You can even accept payments anywhere, anytime through multiple options, from the PaySimple API to the mobile app to hosted checkout. 

Invoicing with InvoiceSimple 

Once you check payments off the list, move on to invoicing. If your current software has invoicing in its blind spot, you could add a tool that puts it front and center. Another sister company, InvoiceSimple, does just that, helping you: 

  • Create one-click invoices with professional templates. 
  • Get notified when digital invoices are opened. 
  • Auto-generate receipts upon payment. 

But you get flexibility too. Take advantage of additional options to email, text, or print invoices for customers. 

Scheduling with MobiWork 

Many locksmith software solutions have scheduling built in, but some are particularly robust, such as MobiWork. Real-time updates to save time, streamline administrative work, and reduce delays? Yes, please! But there’s so much more baked into the platform. MobiWork also offers: 

  • 360-degree live views to see what’s planned, what’s been done, and what’s happening 
  • Map views to see routes, employee locations, and jobs 
  • Color-coded job statuses and summaries 
  • Immediate schedule changes 
  • Route planning capabilities 

If scheduling is your prime concern, MobiWork packs in endless features. 

Customer management with Service Works 

Is customer management a top priority for your locksmith software? Service Works has an integrated CRM to handle everything from service history to billing to customer preferences. With it, you can: 

  • Digitize and access customer data in one place. 
  • Add multiple service locations for commercial clients. 
  • Enable web booking and down payments for service. 
  • Merge customer data to eliminate duplicate records. 
  • Maintain equipment profiles to know what’s necessary for jobs. 

You never know when something will change in the relationship. The right software makes it easy to access key details and adapt. 

Equipment management with High 5 Software 

Focused on maintenance and equipment management in your search for locksmith software? High 5! High 5 Software provides full visibility into your materials and equipment and even shows service history. It helps you ensure your locksmiths have what they need, no matter the job at hand, allowing you to: 

  • Manually add equipment. 
  • Create service orders for equipment. 
  • Move equipment between sites. 

Don’t second-guess the equipment you need or its condition. Stay organized with a solution that gives you the answers.  

See the Potential of All-in-One Locksmith Software 

So, what software do locksmiths really need? You can go big with an all-in-one platform or focus on specific functions—it depends on your priorities.  

Think you should go all in? Service Fusion can run your field service operations from beginning to end. Check out our A-1 Locksmith case study for an inside look at real results, and get in touch to discuss your goals. 

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