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Staff meetings don’t have to waste time. When you meet with your technician team, you have the opportunity to reconnect and offer guidance that might improve field operations and bolster the bottom line.

Organizing the meeting’s agenda, however, can be challenging since there could be a wide array of issues to address. That said, there are some select action items that will always be relevant. Here are the three topics that you should discuss at every meeting:

Field work always poses potential risks to your technicians. Managers should be sure to address these risks and offer actionable safety techniques. Whether it’s heatstroke in the summer, freezing weather in the winter, or slick conditions in the spring, every meeting with technicians should emphasize the immediate safety risks they face just by going out into the field. Awareness is the most important part of preventing and addressing safety risks.

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Professional field service crews normally execute work orders with speed when on location. Time can get lost due to a number of factors, including inefficient routing and unexpected vehicles issues. While you can’t predict everything, supervisors should discuss unintentional time wasters and encourage increased field productivity

So, what are some ways that technicians can increase productivity? Your field technicians might know the best ways to cut costs due to time wasting since they’re the ones out in the field! Conducting a collaborative brainstorming session can be a great way to uncover answers, and efficient teams can offer strategies to other teams about how to transition to and from customer locations faster.

A good way to start is to outline overarching company goals. Reestablishing the connection to the organizational mission statement may empower technicians to think outside of the box and find new methods for increasing their company’s productivity.

Of the three topics discussed here, customer service could be the most important. It is crucial for service businesses to continually reassess and improve their customers’ service experience, especially in the digital age. One single mishap could lead to a bad review, which could lead to reduced sales. Inc. suggested that instead of addressing this issue on a macro level, supervisors should focus on the details.

For instance, listening carefully to customers, taking notes, and registering requests can significantly improve the customer experience and in return, improve sales! Additionally, customer service experts advise professionals who experience in-person interactions to learn the names of their customers and use their name when appropriate. This seemingly insignificant tactic lays the groundwork for a healthy, productive relationship and potentially positive, online feedback!

Service business managers who cover these topics in company meetings are likely to see increases in service quality and revenue.


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