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Field service management software helps companies like yours manage resources and operations, automating key operational tasks while saving time and money. And if you can get more organized? Well, it’s easier to manage the business, win more jobs, and bring cash into the business.

Sound enticing? Set your eyes on our 6 winning qualities the best service software for small business should have.

1. Customer Management

Customer experience is one of the most important benefits of implementing service software for small businesses. Data shows that 89% favor an “Uber-like” service to track technicians and provide ongoing updated arrival times. Provide greater value and improve customer management by embracing the mantra, “The customer is No. 1.”

Customer-Focused Features

Make it easier to get to know your customers and improve their service experience when you store their information, service history, billing data, and more. The best software prioritizes customers with features that allow you to:

  • Track referral sources.
  • Capture job photos and upload documents.
  • Set communication preferences and billing terms.
  • Create multiple customer contacts and service locations.

And if you enable digital communication? All the better. Score an even bigger win by communicating with customers in real time via SMS messaging and on-the-way alerts.

2. Estimate Creation and Job Conversion

Pair estimates and job conversion from the start with field service management software designed to get you moving.

Speedy Estimates

Estimates shouldn’t take forever. Create and send estimates in 30 seconds with software that draws from prepopulated product and service line items. And with all the pieces in place, you’ll be able to convert estimates to jobs with one click.

Service software for small businesses eliminates the tedious, manual work of creating estimates and jobs. Reclaim your time to prioritize opportunities, schedule on-site visits, and more.

3. Easy Scheduling and Dispatching

Did you know? Small- and medium-sized businesses spend about 23% of the workday manually inputting data. That’s a whole two hours down the drain each day. But scheduling and dispatching don’t have to be part of that with a system designed to simplify the process.

Scheduling That Makes Sense

John takes too long to do this type of repair. Tony has gaps in his schedule to fill. Comprehensive service software for small businesses assigns jobs evenly based on availability and according to technician skill sets. Look for service software that helps you avoid over- and underbooking with drag-and-drop scheduling and that alerts technicians of assignments in real time.

4. Online Invoicing and Payments

By moving invoicing and payments to a compatible software platform, you’ll be able to close business faster.

All-in-One Payment Processing

The ideal: Take care of invoicing and payment inside your field service management software. That doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. The best service software for small businesses integrates features to make this possible, including credit, debit, and ACH processing and in-office and in-field payment capabilities.

With the right software, your customers can remit payment in person via mobile devices, online via payment forms, and over the phone on a one-time or recurring basis.

QuickBooks Integrations

You go from QuickBooks to your field service management software (FSM) to QuickBooks, then back to your FSM—and the cycle continues. Why not put the two together? Keep your eyes peeled for software that includes:

  • Bidirectional sync of customers, products, and services
  • Automatic sync of job deposits, invoices, and payments
  • Automatic updates from field service software pushed to QuickBooks

Choose the right tools and you can keep your accounting system up to date within your software.

5. Mobile App

Do a double take! It should feel like you never left the computer when you tap into your software’s mobile app. The best service software for small businesses leverages apps to provide the same information and tools as the primary software.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

You and your team want to stay busy, but it’s not practical to do everything from a desk. You need the flexibility to move—physically and through your workday. Being able to condense everything down into a go-anywhere mobile app is one of the qualities of service software for small businesses you can’t live without. A mobile app simplifies your operation soup to nuts, providing access to:

Unplug from the massive servers and tap into the cloud to work from anywhere—whether it’s a customer’s home or the beach with a mai tai in hand.

6. eSign Solutions

Sign here, here, and here. eSign options inside your field service software enable quick and contactless signatures for documents so you can send and sign agreements in minutes—not days.

Elimination of Manual Tasks

Tired of drawing up—and printing out—contracts and invoices? Turn hard copy documents into eSign documents with field service management software that automates. You can simplify the paperwork, plus create custom eSign request email templates while allowing customers to preview and download eSign documents.

Increased Convenience

Don’t lug around piles of paperwork to job sites. End the awkward, “Do you have a pen?” requests. The best service software for small businesses lets you send eSign requests directly from estimates or job screens so customers can sign them from their personal devices.

Meet Your New Software Solution

Customer management, better scheduling—the best service software for small businesses provides helpful features that come together to do one thing: Make life easier.

Service Fusion can help your business with a full software suite that integrates:

  • GPS fleet tracking
  • Payment processing
  • Call tracking
  • And more!

See how we stack up against other solutions. Check out our infographic, “Service Fusion vs. the Competitors,” to learn how we do more to deliver value.

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