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The field service management industry can often be challenging as it requires organizations to have a constant pulse of its’ business model to meet the growing needs and expectations of the modern customer.

As we continue to advance in the era of the connected customer, field service companies should be prepared to deliver smarter, faster, personalized service as customers’ expectations are rapidly growing along with the technologies they interact with. But how could your business transform the way it manages field service from one end to the other? What would it look like if you can get your hands on an all-in-one software that keeps you and your customers happy?

Field service providers that are at the forefront of providing next-level products and services to meet the developing expectations of customers will not only grow at a fast-lightning speed, but will be able to increase and sustain their customer loyalty as well.

Want to get better organized and grow your business? Consider the following reasons how your company can benefit from leveraging Service Fusion’s Field Service Management Software.

Increased Productivity

1. Manage all your customers’ information and store all documents and images in one place. Knowing customer history and having all your documentation has moved past the filing cabinet in the back office and has upgraded to the cloud. A cloud-based Field Service Management Software like Service Fusion helps you store all the customer information you need including all documents, job photos, payment history and more. This not only helps your business be more organized, but it also provides a great customer experience when your field and office teams can pull up information at a moment’s notice.

2. With SMS notifications, you can communicate in real-time about scheduled jobs and activate on-the-way alerts. With SMS text messaging, your customers are never left out of the loop. Seamlessly communicate with your customers via SMS texts, send details of the job and give live-updates throughout the job progress. This type of two-way communication leaves everyone consistently informed and enables you to have one-to-one conversations with your customers, at scale.

3. Create estimates and jobs in seconds, prioritize on-site visits, assigned jobs, and opportunities. Say goodbye to pen and paper processing and the associated headaches to run your business. Win customers over with less back-and-forth and make it easy for them to accept estimates with the click of a button. Once an estimate is accepted, you can quickly convert it to a job in seconds ‒ saving you time and minimizing errors for double entries. You can even conveniently schedule on-site visits and prioritize opportunities for increased productivity and accountability.

4. Full calendar view of all your jobs and estimates to avoid any scheduling overlaps. Manage your time and processes better with easy drag and drop scheduling and dispatching capabilities. Our user-friendly calendar allows you to get a 360-degree view of jobs, estimates, and tasks altogether. The simple calendar clearly shows your job schedule and the dedicated technician responsible so you know exactly who is available and who has been dispatched.

Seamless Integration

5. Bi-directional sync of customers, products, and services. Approximately 80% of small businesses utilize the QuickBooks software, which is why it’s best to look for a field service management solution that integrates with the accounting software you already use. Get easily set up by transferring your QuickBooks settings over to Service Fusion. Our Customer Success experts are standing by to offer you a success roadmap and oversee your progress as soon as you sign up.

6. Automatic synchronization of job deposits, invoices, and payments. Ensuring data integrity is vital. The important thing to remember about the alliance between Service Fusion and QuickBooks is that it keeps field service data and accounting data updated throughout the day and reduces the chance of data entry and bookkeeping errors.

7. Integrates with both Quickbooks Online and Desktop versions. Not many field service management solutions offer both QuickBooks Desktop and Online integrations. Our software has some of the most advanced QuickBooks integrations in the industry that allows service businesses to invoice immediately upon the closeout of a job without having to wait for accounting staff.

Simplify Your Business

8. Ability to manage your stock inventory, create multi-item purchase orders, and assign them to multiple warehouses. Keeping track of your inventory is critical in providing exceptional service experiences. Reduce customer frustration and the stress on your technicians by having visibility and control in tracking and managing equipment and parts. Our inventory management feature allows Service Fusion users to view inventory stock levels in real-time so they’re always in sync with what they have and don’t have.

9. With the Field Technician Mobile App, your field workers can receive and manage jobs on-the-go via smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps are much more than removing pen and paper from your business processes. Using field service apps allows you to manage teams from the office to the field and empower your field techs to work faster, better, and smarter.

Using the Field Technician Mobile App, your field techs will be equipped with leveraging smart and reliable technology to:

  • Receive instant information to quickly get the job done right
  • Set job progress status
  • Collect customer signatures upon job completion
  • Invoice and process payments in real-time
  • And more!

10. Get visibility into your mobile workforce with GPS Fleet Tracking and always know where your fleet is located at all times. Did you know that GPS fleet tracking is proven to provide an immediate ROI of over 1,000% in the first year alone? With a GPS fleet tracking system integrated into your org’s processes, you gain better visibility and can collect important data insights such as idle time, driving behaviors, tech visibility, and more to improve fleet operations and cut overhead costs. Aside from reducing fuel costs and preventing authorized use ‒ it’s important to understand why you should consider GPS Fleet Tracking for your business as a whole.


Growing a successful service business is often tricky and messy. With the right field service management solution behind you, you can scale your business and drive revenue up exponentially.

By making the right call to organize and simplify your business, you not only save time and money, but your business and employees will thrive too.

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