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As home service businesses are working to navigate forward during an unprecedented time, the pressure for quick decisions, pivoting company strategies, and stress increases exponentially.

While keeping your foot on the gas for growing your home service business is vital, it’s also important to ensure the well-being of your employees. Service technicians are the face of your home service business, and customers can observe them while they’re on the job. If your techs seem off-course in the slightest sense, customers can see it and paint a not so great picture of your company.

By investing in your people, whether it’s resources, modern tools, and best practices—it shows that you’re committed to helping them be the best they can be and that your business is a company that cares about progress and its people. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some suggestions that you can adapt to your own situation and best help you and your team stay focused:

1. Be Active

Go exercise or take a walk and when you can—without your smartphone devices. Researchers point out single exercise sessions of 10 minutes or less can have an impact on your well-being. By making frequent movements throughout the day, it can help you refocus and regroup.

2. Create a Clear Process for Your Tasks

During times of uncertainty, many of us can feel distracted or overwhelmed. Task management can help you overcome those distractions by breaking everything down into tasks and block time on your calendars per project and activity. This ensures nothing slips through the cracks and that you don’t lose focus.

3. Learn New Skills or Hone in on Your Current Ones

Research shows your well-being can be enhanced by curiosity, discipline, and physical activity. Thoughtful stimulation through continued education, formal or otherwise, adds several important factors to your everyday life. Taking continued education courses or learning a new skill whether, for work or leisure purposes, will give you a chance to meet people who have similar interests as you and increase your self-efficacy.

4. Brain Dump On Paper

The best way to untangle your mind is by dumping all the contents of your mind onto paper. When you have too many plans, tasks, and distractions running around in your mind, it’s the same as having multiple applications and tabs open on your desktop. Write down your top three priorities and structure your day around them. This ‘brain dumping’ method minimizes how much you are juggling things in your mind and allows you to preserve your mind’s capacity and energy for things that matter in the present.

5. Get Sufficient Sleep

We know getting enough sleep is important. But we don’t always adhere to the recommended 7-8 hours of quality sleep on a regular schedule, especially with such unprecedented changes happening so quickly. Set your sleep schedule and routine to facilitate a sense of normalcy even in abnormal times. Experts agree that getting consistent, high-quality sleep improves virtually all aspects of health, which is why it’s worthy of our attention to getting enough sleep during this time.

Wrapping Up

Leading a business during times of uncertainty can be challenging, but if you want to successfully work through the fog and lead through change—it starts with taking care of your own people to ensure your customers receive the best service possible.

If you’re wondering about task management and how to complete a 30-minute task in 30 seconds—from anywhere, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions or would like a free demo with one of our Sales Consultants.

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