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More than half of Americans now use contactless payments, according to Mastercard Contactless Consumer Polling. With customers looking to use less cash and shared devices, it’s important for small business owners to understand the long-term benefits of providing online payment experiences.

Equipping your customers with safe and convenient options to pay online is essential to growing your business. All small business owners rely on getting paid by their customers in order to keep up with the costs of operating a business. When payments arrive late on a regular basis, it can interfere with your daily operations, disrupt your cash flow, and consume valuable time that could be better spent on your business.

In order to paint a better picture, your online payment solution should answer these important questions:

  • Is it a long process to register and setup?
  • Are there any hidden processing fees?
  • How do I get accessible financial insights and important payment information all in one place?

Benefits of Online Payment Platforms

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that are leading companies to consider online payment platforms:

  1. Faster payments
  2. Quick and easy setup
  3. Generate trust with customers
  4. Your business financials in one place
  5. Secured payments

1. Faster payments

With an online payment platform, it’s usually much faster than manual processing, saves time, and provides convenience for both merchants and customers during the transaction process.

2. Quick and easy setup

Setting up an option to receive online payment is quick and easy to incorporate into your home service software and workflow. Be sure to look for payment platforms that offer a hassle-free registration process, without a ton of paperwork to fill out. Because who needs the extra headache?

3. Generate trust with customers

For a merchant, an option to receive online payment can improve business reputation, allowing it to gain the trust of the customers. Keep in mind that the benefits of online payments for your business extend to your customers too. They will immediately appreciate you for having an online payment option that makes it easier for them to pay after services are completed—happy customers are the best customers.

4. Your business financials all in one place

It is certainly possible to lose track of your financial insights, but a centralized merchant dashboard can help you organize all your important financial information in a single place, like FusionPay, an all-in-one payment platform that provides greater flexibility in processing and accepting credit cards and ACH online and in the field.

With all your detailed reports on sales, deposits, payments, and more all in one place, you can easily tell if something is posted incorrectly, or if you missed a payment completely.

5. Secure payments

One of the most important benefits of online payments for your service business is that you and your customers’ money are safe. There are good payment platforms that are fully compliant – which results in secure transactions.

Proven Success

Payment platforms offer unbeatable advantages to the newly arising generation of digital customers. If you are looking for an all-in-one payment platform with flat-rate, transparent pricing for your home service business, we offer innovative solutions in a secure PCI compliant environment, allowing you to easily empower your customers to make payments safely and securely and take your business to the next level.

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