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Whether you’re looking for options to work securely from any location or ensure business continuity in case of emergencies, it’s important to understand the maximum potential of remote working so that you can get the most out of it and reap the benefits of running your service business successfully from anywhere.

As a leader, your role is crucial in helping your team transition to remote work. You want to be able to provide virtual opportunities to keep everyone engaged and productive. Service Fusion can help you and your team to stay focused on delivering your best service — no matter where you’re working.

When you use an all-in-one field service software like Service Fusion to level up your productivity, your team can make a bigger impact when everyone has a connected view of real-time data across the entire organization. Think of it as one centralized system for all your service needs, such as online estimating and invoicing, easy scheduling and dispatching, and more — all on the cloud to keep your team safe and healthy.

Here are 5 ways to use Service Fusion for remote work and help your teams stay connected from anywhere.

Use “Customer Management” to Store All Important Customer Information and Access History

One of the most common scenarios of working in an office is being able to locate all your documents in the filing cabinet. But that’s a hassle to bring home and the chances of you misplacing the files inside are likely high. That’s why we recommend using a cloud-based hub like Service Fusion’s Field Service Management Solution to house all your customers’ information including job photos, service history, documents, payments, and you can even add virtual sticky notes to customer accounts, just like you would with a physical file. By digitizing all your paperwork, this allows your team to retrieve important information in a better and faster way.

Keep Your Technicians Up to Date with Field Technician Mobile Application

If keeping your team and customers updated on your work is a challenge, status updates and real-time communications are the solution. With Field Technician Mobile App, communications between customers, field technicians, and office staff have never been easier. You have a one-stop-shop to:

  • Receive job and estimate assignments
  • Access customer notes and history
  • Send automated reminders to customers before scheduled jobs and activate on-the-way alerts
  • Invoice and process payments in real-time
  • And more

Provide a Reliable Way to Send Invoices and Collect Payments—from a Safe Distance

When you’re working remotely, you want to be able to ensure customers that you have security options in place when sending out invoices and receiving payments upon job completion. There’s no need for physical contact to finalize a project when you can convert single or multiple jobs to invoices in a single click.

With Service Fusion, you can receive check, cash, or credit card payments with a built-in, free payment gateway. You’ll quickly build customer loyalty by using technology in a way that keeps your customers safe and hassle-free. Additionally, Service Fusion is a QuickBooks Solution Provider that can provide you with discounts on QuickBooks and other Intuit products and services that you can sync with.

Manage Your Remote Team and Business with VoIP Phone Solutions, Service Fusion’s VoIP phone solution built for service contractors, is a great way to take even more control of your business by allowing you to track where your new and existing customers’ calls are coming from and what the outcome of those calls are. You can also track the productivity of each one of your users. VoIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol is a phone system that replaces your clunky hardware phones and puts it online.

If you’re thinking about remote work, Service Fusion is currently offering a special promotion on making free for up to two users and lines until May.*

Accelerate Contacts and Other Types of Agreements with Touchless eSign Solutions

By this time, you’ve probably learned that you can operate your service business 100% remotely until the actual day of service fulfillment. We understand your organization runs on contracts and other types of agreements so we made eSign to help you send and sign agreements securely in minutes, rather than days, and increase the convenience and safety of your customers and team members.

With eSign, you’ll be able to:

  • Turn any custom single or multi-single page document into an eSign document
  • Send eSign requests directly from within estimate and job screens
  • Create custom eSign request email templates
  • Preview and download eSign documents as PDFs
  • Customers can eSign directly from their personal devices

Welcoming a New Way to Work from Anywhere

Remote work can seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t had the chance to try it before. The bright side of this is that you have access to affordable modern tools to help you navigate the world of remote working. Be open to how technology can shape the way you run your business and observe how it can put you ahead of your competitors by adopting high-tech solutions at a small business cost. Learn how Service Fusion can help your team stay safe, productive, and connected anywhere.

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