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AV customers have high expectations of service providers because the stakes are high for them to create engaging experiences for their patrons. You need a strong backbone so they can bring the noise. 

The key to a balanced mix? Audiovisual business software that covers the full production cycle to streamline key operations and keep everything—and everyone—connected. It’s like your favorite song: AV software flows from start to finish, with pieces that add that extra something to make it come together. 

Picture the live performance: software that helps your team complete tasks quickly and gives total operational visibility. See how software elevates each job, from the first notes to the fade-out. 

The Intro

Set up your masterpiece! The features and benefits of your audiovisual business software are akin to the beat and first lyrics that ramp up your song and give way to a catchy chorus. Don’t leave your audience sitting in silence.  


Spend hours on estimates? No thanks. Audiovisual business software enables you to quickly create estimates with good/better/best options to meet customer needs and add multiple estimates in one. Once you’re done, share with customers in just a few clicks and let them sign off virtually. 

Scheduling and Dispatch 

Get the ball rolling and put techs on the job. All-in-one software takes you seamlessly from estimate to job to field, and you can see it all in one view. Use dashboards to manage and monitor scheduling and orchestrate everything with drag-and-drop scheduling. High-priority job? Add tags to indicate this. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to set up and use new audiovisual business software without the fuss? Think white-glove service and setup, data import in as few as 72 hours, training in just a few days, and free onboarding. The right platforms keep it simple. (Spoiler alert: You don’t have to go very far.)  

The Crescendo 

Clearly sung lyrics or just noise? The climax of your tune simplifies communication and brings all parties together to ensure a job well done. Your AV software puts details in one place, so no one’s hopping between different systems. 

Job Coordination 

Think of all the points of contact involved in every job: the building contact, project contact, billing contact … Did we miss anyone? Audiovisual business software provides access to all of them in one place. Your team knows who to reach out to and can do so in a few clicks. 

Field Access 

Don’t have everyone in the office? They’re bound to be busy on-site! Audiovisual business software often comes with a mobile app to keep technicians in tune with the team and give the back office full visibility into jobsite activity. Apps provide necessary job information thanks in part to task templates that ensure quality control and efficiency. The templates detail what’s required for each job, from to-dos to necessary equipment. 

Real-Time Notifications 

Staying in step can be as easy as sending a text. On-the-way alerts close the service window and keep customers informed. Lean on your software to share job updates with customers and the back office. 

The Outro

As the song winds down, you get a sense of satisfaction. The conclusion sets the stage for the next track or successful business operations. 

Repeat Business 

Frequent flyers are your bread and butter. Software features such as self-service online booking and recurring maintenance scheduling make it easy for them to take care of routine maintenance checks. Plus, you can keep all their data handy, including job notes and preferences, to expedite call tracking and streamline service visits.  

Invoicing and Payments 

Getting paid and handling your cash flow have never been smoother. Easily create and send digital invoices directly to clients with audiovisual service software. Automate progressive and recurring invoices, splitting payments for individual line items or entire jobs across multiple invoices to avoid repeat entries. When your techs are on the job, empower them to accept in-field payments with a mobile app, entering card details on the spot and avoiding the need for invoicing later. Your AV software can automate payments at any time, processing credit, debit, or ACH. Save customer payment details, or hand them the reins with self-service online payment forms. 


Audiovisual business software is usually based on subscriptions, number of users, and customization. But if you don’t want software that’s structured like your Netflix subscription, there are affordable options. Service Fusion offers three pricing plans to match your needs. The beauty of it? There are no setup fees or contract requirements. Instead, you get white-glove onboarding, data importing, and unlimited training and support. Get unlimited admins and the freedom to handle as many projects and clients as necessary. 

Play on with Service Fusion 

Play a song as smooth as the ones coming from many of your customer venues. The right operations software creates a balanced mix from intriguing intro to powerful outro by supporting your business with features and benefits to see you through. 

Service Fusion serves the audiovisual space and businesses across multiple industries. Explore our approach and get your personalized demo to see how we can help. Schedule a demo. 

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