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Joe is a pro with AC unit repair, but Todd is your go-to for ductwork maintenance. If your technicians have a wide variety of skills and experience, you want to make it easy to dispatch them and ensure the best person is going to each job.

With field service dispatch software, you can easily take jobs from estimates to assignments to execution. Learn how field service dispatch software helps you manage who goes where.

Field Service Dispatch Software

Field service dispatch software helps your business do more—no matter how big or small your operation may be. Keep job-related documents and tasks in one place with a single, centralized platform that supports your internal team and its customers.

Generate Easy Estimates

Start on the right foot by streamlining your estimates with field service dispatch software. Each estimate can get the celebrity treatment, and the right tools allow you to create up to five estimate options from one screen.

Share each estimate from the software in whichever way is best for your customers, whether that means emailing, printing, or downloading it. Field dispatch software provides convenience for customers, because they can accept your estimate immediately online and provide their digital signature. From there, just convert those estimates into one or more jobs and get to work.

Perform Remote Scheduling and Dispatching

Don’t worry about who’s scheduled for which shift, or which technicians have full workloads. Let your field service dispatch software handle it.

With the right platform, you can use drag-and-drop scheduling, integrating with your calendar and technician schedules to avoid overlap or overbooking. Plus, keep your customers in the loop about their scheduled jobs with on-the-way alerts via SMS messaging. Don’t break a sweat when you can handle all your scheduling and dispatching needs without leaving the software.

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Deploy GPS Fleet Tracking

In its most basic form, GPS Fleet Tracking is your eye in the sky to see where technicians are. But in addition to showing technician locations, GPS tracking inside field dispatch software helps you choose the right tech for any job.

Let’s face it: Easier jobs probably don’t require your most experienced technician. But when you pair increased visibility with your knowledge of your team members’ skills and even specialized job demands, it’s that much easier to make on-the-spot decisions.

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Field Technician Apps

Exceptional field service dispatch software doesn’t just live on your computer. Field technician apps pull in the same information so you and your technicians can work from on the go and get the information you need in the palm of your hand.

Receive Job Assignments and Estimates

What if you could manage jobs on mobile devices? A field technician app that supports your field service dispatch software allows you to take your work on the go.

Dispatchers can do it all from the app, but technicians come out on top, too, with the power for techs to:

  • Manage jobs on the go
  • Reduce paperwork and office visits

Eliminate the guesswork—and the need to plug in to coordinate jobs—with a field technician app.

Provide Relevant Job Details

It’s frustrating when you can’t easily provide your technicians with all the tools to succeed, but that problem belongs in the past. Techs can get key insights in a readily accessible location.

Pull all the details that matter into their field technician app, such as:

  • Maps with driving directions to job sites
  • Assigned equipment and its work history

With access to the right information, your technicians will never be confused about their tasks.

Take Jobs From Start to Finish

Estimates and job scheduling? Check. Technician support? Double check. Of course, that’s never the end of the race. But with a technician app supporting your field dispatch software, you can sprint to the finish line.

Once jobs get underway, your app rounds out the experience, allowing your team to:

  • Update job progress
  • Add job notes, photos, and so forth
  • Collect customer signatures upon completion

And guess what? The more efficiencies you create in your service, the faster you can get paid and officially close out each job.

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Make Field Service Dispatch Software Work for You

With the right field service dispatch software, your team can run like a proverbial well-oiled machine. The earlier in the jobs process you use it, the more it can do for you—from providing estimate efficiency to dispatching technicians to providing the framework for your on-the-go field technician app.

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