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Your phone’s ringing off the hook, and technicians are hustling from leaky garbage disposals to failing water heaters. Without a little help, dispatching can get as clogged as a toilet with a teddy bear swimming in it! But you don’t need a plunger, just a new approach.

Learn how plumbing dispatch software and new digital strategies can keep your repair business from backing up.

Deploy Plumbing Dispatch Software

Plumbing dispatch software works for everyone, from dispatchers to technicians to customers. The right software can take you from dispatch to payment—all in one platform.

Digital Dispatching

Plumbing dispatch software lives up to its name, making technician dispatching a breeze. With the right software, you can manage workloads and dispatch techs with a drag-and-drop calendar scheduling feature. Plus, take advantage of better monitoring with GPS fleet tracking to locate technicians and dispatch close and capable techs to the right jobs.

Real-Time Communication

Your day-to-day operational and customer needs play second fiddle if you can’t facilitate communication with the field. But plumbing dispatch software tools keep the lines of communication open.

Service Fusion keeps you connected with these next-level communication features:

  • keeps your customers in the loop with pre-job text messages and on-the-way alerts.
  • Ring-A-Tech cuts off the customer service elevator music and discreetly routes calls directly to technicians.
  • lets customers start service conversations on your site and continue them via text message with a text-me-back widget.

Easy Digital Payment Options

Getting paid for your hard work is one of the most rewarding parts of the job—second only to customer satisfaction. So make the process easier by invoicing and accepting payments inside your plumbing dispatch software. The right software will:

  • Enable techs to accept payments through their app on site.
  • Send invoices through the software for customers to access later.
  • Sync with QuickBooks to keep records updated.

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Think Digitally to Grow Your Business

Getting the right plumbing dispatch software to work for you is only half the battle of keeping your repair business from backing up. That’s because in addition to the right dispatch tools and processes, the online world gives you other ways to break through the p-trap.

A Strong Website

Your website needs to be just as strong as your business, because it represents your digital reputation and sales opportunities. Work with a marketing agency to get your website up to snuff with SEO and mobile-friendly design.

Seach Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) matters, whether it’s for terms like “plumbing dispatch software” or “plumbing services near me.” When prospective customers are looking for plumbing services, they’ll hit Google first. Optimize your website and its content for the terms that matter to them, and search engines will feature your website over the competition.


You shouldn’t be surprised that customers in the U.S. are browsing on their phones, and mobile devices drive 61 percent of website visits, so your site’s mobile experience must be seamless. Have you ever tried reading a desktop-only site on your phone? Yeesh. The constant pinch-and-zoom just to read one page is exhausting!

When your site is mobile-friendly, its design considers the size and layout of your phone, so you can share all the same information across devices. Prospective customers will stick around longer and engage with you more.

Social Media

It’s just as important for your business to be active on social media. After all, you can easily communicate your industry expertise by sharing helpful and relevant content on your company’s social accounts.

On top of this, social media is a convenient way for customers to contact you if they’re not yet tapped into your plumbing dispatch software. And if you want to extend your business’s reach, post to related groups for audiences who need your services—but don’t necessarily know about you.

Online Reviews

Speak and be heard—or rather, let your customers do the talking. Online reviews have the power to move the needle, so ask for reviews from satisfied customers.

You can pass the mic to customers on a variety of platforms, giving them the freedom to express their opinions and influence prospective customers. Consider the following review sites:

  • Yelp, the biggest online review platform
  • pulseM, the go-to solution for home services reputation management
  • Testimonials for your website

But just because you want reviews to sing your praises doesn’t mean they always will. When you get a negative review, help your business by responding the right way—promptly and positively—and you’ll foster goodwill.

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Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Plumbing dispatch software streamlines every job, from dispatching the right technicians to keeping all relevant parties connected. And when you pair that with next-level digital strategies to elevate your business, the sky’s the limit.

Service Fusion is here to keep your business from backing up. Get in touch to explore the software, and download our checklist to get the scoop on earning positive customer reviews.

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