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Among the challenges that service providers face in optimizing their marketing dollars today is figuring out what works best for reaching more customers. Measuring ROI is the key to knowing where to focus your efforts and how to budget accordingly. Call tracking is one of the best tools available for understanding what generates the most leads for your business and how to best serve your customers in an efficient way.

The power of call tracking software is that you can use the data it captures to make future calls and on-site customer journeys even more effective. The thing is, you can only do that if you have call tracking software that allows you access to proper reporting tools, such as the ability to identify opportunities for improvement across the board, track conversion rates, and measure ROI.

Determining your ROI with call tracking is made even easier when you integrate call tracking software with your field service management CRM. You will also be able to calculate your cost per lead which will help determine your sales goals and advertising spend. From there, you’ll be able to calculate your ROI.

Call Tracking Software Makes it Easy to Know Where Leads Come From

It used to be that in order to figure out where customer calls were coming from, you’d have to ask. With call tracking software like, there’s no need, because the data comes directly to you.

You can buy both local and toll-free numbers that link directly to referral sources. This allows you to see where call sources come from, how many of those leads convert, and estimate how much revenue each campaign generate with no missing data.

It’s also important to note that using call recordings and call transcription features of your call tracking system — you can analyze your calls to find out if they’re coming from qualified leads. This gives you the power to make campaign changes, refocus your ad spend on what actually drives conversions, and prioritize following up with your best leads.

Understand Call Reasons and Outcomes

Calls come to service providers for a variety of reasons. Understanding why customers are calling gives you greater insight into the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and helps you combine the service that you’re providing on a customer-level basis. You’ll get detailed insight into an existing customer’s account history. Know when they’ve called before, what services were previously provided, and more. Having information on outcomes helps you get a better idea of areas for improvement in your operational strategies moving forward.

Engage with Customers More Effectively and Win Repeat Business

Many customers today not only have a desire to communicate via text conversations, but they also have an expectation that they should be able to. By making both call and text available to potential customers, you increase the chances of bringing in more business. Customers can reach out with a request and get a convenient response without having to make a phone call.

In fact, over 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business, so why not give your customers what they want by advertising every phone number as a “text or call” number?

For those callers who do prefer to speak with an agent, they’ll be able to connect with a knowledgeable and helpful person who can easily answer their questions, schedule service appointments, and more.

Provide Excellent Customer Support with Call Scripts

Another way to provide exceptional customer support in your service business is by ensuring that your call agents have the information that they need to provide the best information to customers. With call scripts, your call agents are guided through phone calls with custom call scripts to deliver the consistent and seamless support your customers expect and deserve.

Custom call scripts also give great power to agents by helping them engage in meaningful conversations with your callers. With well-thoughtout call scripts as your agents’ guide, it acts as a security cusion that helps your agents be impressionable and confident. With that said, it’s important to update your call scripts on a needed basis. As your service business continues to evolve, you’ll want your scripts to be fresh and revelant. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and an overall better experience throughout the entire customer interaction.

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget

Being strategic about your marketing budget is important, and having the data that details precisely where your money is best spent can be priceless for service providers. Don’t let your budget go to waste by putting dollars into things that just aren’t working for your business.

It’s important to get the detailed data you need to measure a variety of crucial metrics on a regular basis. Make the most of your marketing budget and enjoy a better return on your investment by utilizing call tracking software.

It’s Crucial to Choose the Right Call Tracking Software.

To see how call tracking software helps you measure ROI and save your marketing dollars, you have to get the right software. Make sure it:

  • Integrates with your field service management CRM software.
  • Allows your team to view all call activities and screen popups with customers’ work history and account details.
  • Website text widgets to convert more visitors into qualified leads.

You’ll want your call tracking software to give you complete visibility over your entire service business and maximize efficiencies so that you can stay on top of all your customers’ requests and win repeat business.

Service Fusion’s call tracking software. can free you up so you’re always focused on delivering the best service possible.


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