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As a business operations manager, it’s so easy to get tethered to your computer or even to the office, but why should you sacrifice the all-important work-life balance? Instead, be the superhero that you are and do all the things you enjoy without trading business quality for quality of life.

“But every little piece of the business is important, and it’s my job to create more efficient operations. How can I just take it easy?”

Field service management software helps business operations managers like you make service more efficient. And that’s all-encompassing, too—making life easier for your team and for yourself. From office monitoring to the convenience of apps, discover all the little ways field service management software can help and get more time to enjoy the little things.

Drive your KPIs with service business software.

How Business Operations Managers Can Take Control

What do you spend the most time doing in your day-to-day? Does the prospect of some of these tasks make your brain hurt just a little? The best field service management software can make your job easier, quicker, and way less tedious.

Front-Office Monitoring

One of the biggest draws of field service management software for business operations managers is the front-office control it provides. We’re talking about all those little pieces that have to fall into place to ensure smooth operations.

Maybe you need to roll out a time tracking and payroll solution to keep up with the nuances of the remote workforce. After all, it’s tricky to keep up with hours worked or even time off when folks aren’t in the office.

And you most certainly should deploy GPS fleet tracking for its myriad operational benefits. Not only does GPS give you real-time driver visibility to verify ETA or find the right technician for a job, but it also provides opportunities to better map driving routes and reduce fuel costs and insurance premiums.

Accounting Payments with FusionPay

At Service Fusion, we say this a lot: Enough with the paper. Not only is it environmentally unkind, but it’s also a pain in the you-know-what. If paperwork is the bane of your existence and the part of your job you dread the most, field service management software, and specifically FusionPay, helps business operations managers here, too.

With the right software solution, you’re free to drop the file folders and close out all the spreadsheet windows and go completely digital. As a result, payment due reminders, invoices, submissions, and everything else goes to the cloud—not in the filing cabinet.

Field service management software provides options for your company to upload invoices into the platform or even email them, plus customers and contractors can log in and pay through FusionPay for services. Win-win. And as a bonus, you can keep a better eye on how money is coming in and out of the business by integrating QuickBooks.

Call Tracking and Routing

All of this is great, but ops management is about more than shuffling schedules and managing records. Every one of your customers has to start somewhere.

What is a business operations manager to do? Combine VoIP, artificial intelligence, and field service with call tracking and routing solutions.

Does it make more sense for a customer to have a direct line to their technician? Easily route them directly to techs using masked phone numbers. Or for folks who are more technologically savvy, get the conversation started online with messaging widgets.

Apps Cut the Cord

Field service management software is just one part of the business operations dream team. The other player? An app that expands the capabilities of your cloud solution.

Sometimes you aren’t even in the office, but you can still manage operations effectively. Using a field service management app, just pick up your mobile device to create job estimates and schedule appointments for customers. Platforms like Service Fusion are user-friendly and allow you to quickly drag and drop items into a calendar view to schedule—or even reschedule—jobs.

Need to “mobilize the troops” at the drop of a hat? Quickly dispatch techs to job sites with a few clicks. What’s more, once those professionals are in the field, by supplying them with the right technology, you enable technicians to accept in-the-field payments, expediting your own revenues and recordkeeping.

Business Operations Managers Do More with Field Service Management Software

GPS enhances front-office monitoring, invoice and payment management cuts the paperwork, and an all-inclusive app keeps your finger on the pulse of scheduling and dispatching. The only thing left is to plan what you’ll do with your newly-found free time.


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