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Field service management can be a drag. You shuffle work estimates and schedules, play phone tag to find technicians, and spend a lot of time at your desk to make sure everything goes as planned behind-the-scenes.

Hold up a second—that’s the old way of doing things! Would you rather make dispatching a breeze instead of a hurricane? The right technology can quell the storm.

Journey with us to discover the new and improved way of field service management and learn how to dispatch with ease with field service management software.

4 Benefits of Field Service Management Software for Dispatching

Field service management software makes everyone’s lives easier—from ops managers to technicians to customers. So what exactly can you expect? In a few words: technology-friendly everything. Enhanced features make dispatching faster and more efficient.

1. Convenient and Remote-First Management

It’s the 21st century, and it’s time your field service management processes got with the program. You aren’t at your desk at all times anymore, so your trusted tools have to move with you. Carry your phone, not your laptop.

Field service management software makes it crazy simple to add jobs in a drag-and-drop grid—regardless of your location or device. PLUS you can share job details, schedules, and customer preferences with any of your field technicians.

Wondering what you need to know before making the leap to field service management software? Find out the questions you should be asking in this e-book.

2. GPS Tracking

“Hey, where’s Joe? I’ve got a job for him.” Know where your technicians are before you even have to ask with a little GPS wizardry.

GPS fleet management puts the power in your hands to know where workers are and use that intel to decide who’s the best person for any given job. You get greater insights to manage your employees, while your customers benefit from shorter service windows.


3. Enhanced Communication

It’s hard to keep in touch when technicians travel from jobsite to jobsite all day, every day, but you can stop playing phone tag. Field service management software keeps you in touch with your technicians on-the-go and en route, whether you’re just checking in or providing driving directions to get to a customer’s location.

But it goes both ways. Using your software or website, customers also get an easy mode of communication to get hold of technicians. For example, Service Fusion provides text messaging and direct calling features through

  • Start SMS messaging conversations on your website with the widget
  • Discreetly route customers to techs with Ring-a-Tech
  • Field service management software allows for real-time communication with your technicians and customers via SMS notifications

Forget the back-and-forth and improve your communication capabilities with field service management software.

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4. Mobile Apps for In-the-Field Efficiency

Wouldn’t dispatching be so much easier if you—and your technicians—could sync up on the fly? Mobile apps aren’t just for CandyCrush. With the right app, ops managers can schedule and dispatch technicians, and technicians can get enhanced insights and capabilities.

Inside the app, techs can manage their jobs, from accessing schedules to adding or viewing job photos. But using their field service management app to provide invoices and process in-the-field payments is the cherry on top.


Select the Best Field Service Management Software

Are you looking for remote-first dispatching capabilities? What about driver tracking or smoother communication? Maybe it’s a convenient app you’re after instead.

What if we told you that field service management software gives you all four? Oh, right … we already did that!

If you need an easier way to mobilize technicians and provide exceptional service, give field service management software a try. But remember: Every service is a little bit different. So do your homework and choose the right provider to meet your company’s needs.

Start by perusing our Service Fusion vs. the Competition FAQ, see why our field service management software is heads above the rest, and get in touch with our experts.

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