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Playing phone tag, glazing over spreadsheets, and staring at a mountain of paperwork on your desk is enough to drive you bonkers. Old-school field service management processes hold you back. Service Fusion is no stranger to hearing the many woes our customers experience because they need to get up to date. See why software makes a difference, and discover the most useful garage door service software features.

Why Software Is Useful for Garage Door Repair

Field service management software isn’t just for HVAC, plumbing, or appliance repair. It’s also valuable for garage door repair businesses. Companies like yours are going all-in on software because it makes life easier.

Ultimate Flexibility

When you’re on the move working on installations and repairs, you need tools that can go with you. That’s why flexibility is one of the top garage door service software features. It’s easy to use and enables everyone—from dispatchers to garage door repair technicians—to work from anywhere.

Using the cloud, your team can work more efficiently with convenient features for: 

  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • GPS tracking
  • And more!

Reduced Paperwork

Piles of paperwork are so passé. Garage door repair software makes it easy to clear the clutter of:

  • Estimates
  • Job details
  • Invoices

Storing everything digitally keeps your record keeping cleaner (and environmentally friendly!) with virtual access to customer information and job history. 

And you can organize your financials in the same place, too. Garage door repair software integrates seamlessly with accounting software such as QuickBooks to automatically sync job deposits, invoices, and payments. At Service Fusion, our customers are in love with this capability:

“The software is so easy to set up and use. The data that you get out of it is fantastic. I also love the integration to QuickBooks, which makes it even easier to manage the business.” —Jason Aljets, Aljets Home Solutions

Primo Garage Door Service Software Features 

We take for granted all the time that goes into the small details of day-to-day business, but 54 percent of service businesses say intake, planning, coordination, execution, and review are the most time-intensive tasks. Garage door repair companies alone might spend hours on these things without the right solutions to help. But the right software makes life easier with features to create efficiency across the operation.

Customer Management Tools

Service Fusion’s VoIP tool,, creates more efficient customer management workflows so you can manage the customer lifecycle. With it, you can keep and access customer history to provide consistent service and follow-ups, and get repeat business. 

But as infomercials say, “Wait! There’s more!” packs another punch to simplify customer service, too, allowing your garage door repair business to:

  • Offer call and text phone numbers
  • Route calls to technicians 
  • Track call reasons and outcomes
  • Record and transcribe calls

Functions That Expedite Jobs

What if you could speed jobs up from estimate to completion without sacrificing quality? Of all the garage door service software features, tools that allow you to do more top the list. 

Start by simplifying your estimate process by creating estimates and jobs with pre-populated products and services. Then eliminate manual scheduling and dispatching by leveraging drag-and-drop tools to avoid over- or under-booking, and send the details directly to technicians. 

“Runs smooth, [and] has all needs when it comes to dispatching. [I like] that the techs can do everything they need out in the field with no problem.” —Jacqueline Georgescu, Suncoast Contractors Emergency Services, Inc.

Once the job’s done, get paid for your hard work. Invoicing that works inside the platform allows you to not only create and send out invoices but also collect payments securely and send payment reminders.

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Next-Level Communications

“Who’s on first?” You might know the answer, if it was easier to keep in touch. Communication is just as vital in garage door repair businesses as it is on the baseball field—and that goes for customers and technicians alike. 

Your customers want to keep on top of their repairs. With all-in-one software, you can empower them to request or adjust service visits via web booking and stay in the loop with pre-job text notifications. Technicians can even interact with customers before and after service through calls, texts, and pictures.

But how do you improve communications for technicians when they’re all over the place? “There’s an app for that.” Garage door repair technicians can use a field app to send and receive details on just about any aspect of each job:

  • View a map and driving directions to jobs
  • Take job photos and log notes
  • Check inventory and add products to jobs
  • Capture pre-work and post-work signatures
  • And more!

“Service Fusion has changed the way we run our company! The ability to see what is going on from anywhere in the world. Also, the ability to put notes, pictures, and documents on each call slip is priceless!” —Jeff Vance, Gwyn Electrical Plumbing Heating and Cooling

Open the Door to New Possibilities

Technology is paving the way toward faster and more efficient field service, and there’s so much about garage door service software to love—from flexibility to customer management and communication. 

Ready to transform your game? Check out our case study to see how one company got the best from Service Fusion and how your business could enjoy similar success.

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