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We hear a lot about sustainability and “going green,” but these terms start to sound like buzzwords after a while. Does it happen at the individual, community, or business level? The short answer: All three. But you don’t always hear about how businesses play their part.

In part one of our four-part series, we’ll talk about sustainability in service businesses and why software as a service (SaaS) solutions such as repair service software are important for your sustainability efforts.

What Is Sustainability?

What does sustainability really mean? For your business, sustainability is the umbrella that encompasses what your company does to minimize its negative impacts on the environment. Rather than focusing only on the almighty dollar, sustainable practices prioritize people and the planet. Common sustainability examples include recycling and reusing plastic products.

How SaaS Is Sustainable

The technology you use can make just as much of a difference as tried-and-true tangible environmental practices. SaaS improves sustainability from an efficiency perspective, making things easier on your company and the planet.

Reduced Infrastructure

Where you go, the cloud goes too. SaaS products such as repair service software are hosted in the cloud instead of on static machines like your PC. As a result, your operations don’t need extensive infrastructure and hardware.

Low Pollution

Save the turtles! On a serious note, SaaS really helps your company be environmentally conscious. By leaning more on technology that lets you work from anywhere, minimizes your commute, and creates the most fuel-efficient routes for your techs, you’re not pumping pollutants into the air or sea, and you also reduce gas emissions.

Low Waste

Because everything is in the cloud, SaaS is lean, helping you assist customers and run more efficiently. And if you know Service Fusion, you know we’re all about deploying repair service software to help you reduce the biggest waste of all: paper! Get more for less by automating your processes via SaaS solutions.

Remote Friendly

Grab the remote. SaaS supports hybrid and remote work, so when your team needs to lean on repair service software, it doesn’t matter where they are. Companies like Service Fusion enable remote flexibility because of solutions that work on both desktop and mobile, optimizing manpower and labor capabilities.

Bake Sustainability into Your Business

Want to stand out in the crowd? Sustainable practices can be a major selling point for your business, as well as a boon to the environment. As sustainability becomes increasingly important, some customers will actively consider your company’s efforts when they consider you as a service provider. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to incorporate sustainability in your business.

Work with Green Suppliers

Who do you get parts, materials, and tools from? If your company wants to be more sustainable, it has to go beyond what you do in-house and extend to your partnerships as well. Vet your suppliers to ensure that they also follow green practices and their products are environmentally friendly.

Use Eco-Friendly Parts and Components Where Possible

What’s better than being sustainable as a company? Helping your company and your customers make a difference. And many products fit the bill here, leading to reduced environmental impacts and costs over time.

  • Install energy-efficient HVAC solutions: Look for the ENERGY STAR certification.
  • Use low-water plumbing solutions: Replace old toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters with high-efficiency models.

Incorporate Sustainable Repair Service Software

With a solution like Service Fusion, your company can ditch the manual and move on to the digital. We’re not only all about sustainability, but also making your life easier to boot. Thanks to our comprehensive repair service software and mobile app, you and your technicians can enjoy new levels of productivity and freedom.

  • Easily generate estimates, jobs, and invoices.
  • Expedite team and customer communication via call or text.
  • Reduce or eliminate paper.
  • And more!

Sustainability is about way more than recycling, and your company has the power to do more for your operations and for the planet. Where will you begin?

Make Sustainability Part of Your Business

From your daily operations to the products you use and the partners you trust, sustainability has a place in all areas of your business. Make SaaS part of your sustainability plan to do your part toward making our planet greener.

Repair service software can help! Service Fusion makes your operations more efficient, both for your day-to-day activities and for our environment. Check out our infographic “Service Fusion vs. The Competition” to see how we solve your challenges.


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