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Summer is heating up, and that comes with one thing: more HVAC repair calls. If you aren’t prepared, you can easily get overwhelmed by AC unit replacement requests, water leaks, ductwork issues, and more, leaving your techs harried and your customers overheating. Learn how field service dispatch management software can help you manage the heat for your customers.

Better Scheduling and Dispatching

With field service dispatch management software, your techs can have a full lineup of jobs planned out in advance. The number of HVAC units sold in 2024 is predicted to surpass 151 million, so your business is bound to get busier. Do yourself a favor and get organized now.

Automate Scheduling and Dispatching

Who’s scheduled for which shifts? Are you over- or under-booking? Stop chasing these details down and slowing your processes by tracking them in outdated programs—or worse—on paper.

Field service dispatch management software expedites scheduling and dispatching for HVAC businesses like yours, thanks to features such as:

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Automatic notifications for techs

Your technicians stay in the loop in real-time, your customers get served faster, and you make your business processes more efficient. Win x 3!

See the difference field service management software could make for your organization.


Summer may be heating up now, but so is the HVAC industry—for the long-term. Jobs in HVAC are set to increase 13 percent by 2028. It’s increasingly important to make those positions appealing and more efficient by enabling remote flexibility.

Field Service Dispatch Management Software for Desktop and Mobile

Being able to work anytime, anywhere is a force multiplier when you have to play conductor to an ongoing orchestra performance. Field service dispatch management software that operates as both a robust desktop suite and full mobile app gives dispatchers like you the freedom to:

  • Create estimates and jobs on the go
  • Manage technician schedules from any device

But you don’t get to hog all the fun. Field technicians have unprecedented levels of information access, too—all from the road:

  • Driving directions to jobs
  • Photos and notes
  • Pre-work and post-work signatures

Techs can even sync up invoicing with built-in tools. Service Fusion uses FusionPay to manage invoicing and virtual payments in and out of the field.

Advanced Routing and Tech Tracking

When you can’t find your technicians or they get lost on the way to a job, that’s time wasted—for them, you, and your customers. But you can get some of that efficiency and control back with an oldie but a goodie: GPS.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Stop fielding calls from frantic technicians who run overtime on a job—delaying their whole day—or ones who get lost on the road. GPS Fleet Tracking helps you:

  • Optimize routes and driving directions
  • Track and assign the best technicians in real-time

Of course, playing middleman to direct technicians from point A to point B is only part of what GPS can do for you. You can also use this increased visibility to mitigate driver and operational issues:

  • Improve driver behavior
  • Prevent unauthorized vehicle use
  • Cut fuel costs
  • Reduce insurance premiums

Thanks to GPS Fleet Tracking, you have the power to know what’s going on with your operations at any given time—take advantage of it!

Stay Cool as a Cucumber with Field Service Dispatch Management Software

If you can’t stand the heat … turn on the AC! HVAC businesses just like you have more control than ever over field service management activities. Deliver major ROI for your business by taking advantage of the scheduling and dispatching, remote flexibility, and advanced tracking capabilities of field service dispatch management software.

Check out our interactive infographic “ROI FSM Brings to Your Organization” to learn how you can do more with Service Fusion software.


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