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Mountains of paperwork, endless phone calls, and outdated processes zap your team’s productivity. Keep some pep in your step by making life easier.

Field service dispatch management software simplifies things so you can spend more time on your business instead of repetitive tasks. Check out five ways the right software can keep you and your team moving forward.

5 Ways Field Service Dispatch Management Helps You Keep Your Pep

What do you wish your field service operations could do better? Organize schedules? Maintain visibility on technician activities? Field service dispatch software is your helping hand to do these things and more. Consider the following benefits.

1. Speedy Scheduling and Dispatching

You can drag your feet on scheduling and dispatching service techs—relying on never-ending games of phone tag and spreadsheets—or you can drag-and-drop instead. Field service dispatch management software enables you to quickly and easily keep jobs moving for your technicians and customers. Handy drag-and-drop features integrate with a calendar inside the software so you can book the best tech, prevent overbooking, and send job details to relevant parties.

See the difference field service management software could make for your organization.

2. Remote Readiness

Do you prefer desktop software or a mobile app? Psst … it’s the 21st century, and you don’t really have to choose.

But if you have a preference, or your workday requires one or the other, field service dispatch management software gives you choices without sacrifice. Both desktop and mobile app options are robust and fully functional. Choose which works for you and get the freedom to work on the go. Going remote? Schedule techs directly through the app.

3. App Advantages

Speaking of apps, in addition to scheduling, field service dispatch management apps help you stay in touch with your technicians so both office and field staff can stay in sync. If there are any lingering question marks about upcoming jobs, you have what you need to assist technicians:

  • Provide details such as required tools
  • Assist technicians with driving directions to job sites

But you can also empower your techs to do more. With a convenient app in their back pocket, they can stay connected with customers by sending out on-the-way alerts and manage their upcoming or ongoing jobs:

  • Access schedules
  • Add or view job photos
  • Generate digital invoices and payment links

4. GPS Visibility

Why did the field technician cross the road?

I don’t know, but I saw him do it!

While you may not always have the answers to all the “why’s” of field tech activities, GPS Fleet Tracking ensures you can always see how and where things are happening, from technician location data to how many trips workers are taking.

By keeping an eye in the sky to monitor your team, you uncover the secret sauce of field service dispatch management: balancing who’s closest with who’s best for a job. As a result, you can tighten up service windows because the person assigned to a given job is experienced and can efficiently provide the best solution.

5. Convenient Customer Management

If you’re still using a Rolodex, now is the time to upgrade Whether you’re that far behind or just need to ditch the spreadsheets, field service dispatch management software can make customer management easier and put some pep back in your step.

Conveniently keep track of customer information in the cloud, expediting jobs and fostering customer relationships. You can easily upload files such as relevant notes and photos, import job documentation and invoices, and log customer preferences to make repeat business a snap.

Keep That Pep and Make Work Life Easier

Whether it’s your phone, laptop, or desktop, you always have a computer by your side today—so take advantage of it to improve work processes. Field service dispatch management software delivers a substantial bang for your buck in productivity and efficiency for dispatching, fieldwork, and customer communication.

Get the inside scoop with our infographic “ROI FSM Brings to Your Organization,” and keep that pep in your step!


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