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So there’s field technician software that allows you to do business from anywhere and ensure everyone is better connected—which both increases efficiency and boosts customer satisfaction?

And it’s affordable for small commercial service businesses? And it can transform a business, making life easier for everyone?

Why yes, which is why field technician software is more tempting than a cinnamon roll. Let’s look at the appetizing details.

Field Technician Software Is Actually Affordable

It’s easy to think that field technician software—or field service management software—is just an enterprise-level thing. It even sounds like something that should be expensive. And that’s because, for many years, it was. But then, some really smart folks realized that by using SaaS, they could make this revolutionary software affordable for small service businesses.

The best part is that today’s field technician software isn’t some watered-down version of an enterprise-level product. These software options are affordable and robust, and give small commercial service businesses the same features at a price and commitment level that they can afford.

The best part about field technician software affordability is that it can actually save you so much time and money that you’ll see return on investment (ROI) right away.

It Improves Daily Operations by Improving Technician Communication

Daily operations can always, always, always be improved. (Yes, we’re using three “always” here. We feel strongly about this.)

One way to improve operations is by having field technicians work together. When your field techs are working with each other, they share new methods, offer valuable advice, extend a helping hand, and coordinate jobs better. With commercial service businesses being as busy as they are, keeping field technicians connected is crucial.

With field technician software, technicians have one digital hub in which they can always find each other. Using a smart device and an app, technicians can communicate with each other to improve skills, efficiencies, inventory levels, customer service, and more. And, maybe the best part—at least for the person doing the paper filing—is that field service technician applications can also reduce paperwork and trips to the office.

Note: Choose wisely. When selecting field technician software, look for technology that lets technicians:

  • Receive job and estimate assignments
  • View assigned jobs on a map
  • See equipment assigned to a job and work history
  • Set job progress statuses
  • Add notes, photos, and custom tasks
  • Collect customer signatures on jobs

Looking to save money and drive revenue? Field service management software might be the answer you’re looking for. Learn more in our eBook.

It Wins Repeat Customers with Real-Time Communication

How do you provide the best possible customer service? Use real-time communication.

It’s not just technicians who can communicate in real-time. Field technician software features allow you to keep customers up-to-date and eliminate possible miscommunications, scheduling overlaps, and paperwork. Customers don’t know it, but they love field service management software as much as operations managers, field technicians, and office managers do.

Remember, when you look for field service management software, make sure it includes real-time capabilities so you can:

  • Send customers automated reminders.
  • Update customers on change of status, estimated time of arrival, and more.
  • Give technicians a map with driving directions to the customer’s location.
  • Access all customer notes and history to get to know them better.
  • Invoice and process payments in real-time.
  • Get pre- and post-work signatures.

Not only that, real-time communication is a two-way street. Field technician software makes it easier for customers to reach you. Forget fridge magnets, stickers and business cards—you won’t need them if you have the right SaaS, because nothing beats your own personalized, branded mobile app. Think service appointment requests, free estimates, contact information management, and more.

More reasons why your customers love field technician software:

  • More than 60 percent of your customers have smartphones and expect you to have an app.
  • You’ll differentiate yourself as a cut above—having an app on your customers’ smartphone puts you ahead of your competitors.
  • Satisfied customers are more loyal, and they become satisfied when it is easier to get in touch with you and access information.

It Makes Everyone More Efficient and Productive

Field technician software can turn a 30-minute task into a 30-second task—really.

Using one organized platform to manage operations makes a technician’s day-to-day easier and more efficient, and keeps staff, techs, and customers on the same page. Field technician software also standardizes your workflows, including everything from dispatching to invoicing.

Plus, technicians can increase productivity rates using built-in inventory systems and pre-populated product and service line items, including:

  • Picture-driven product and service catalogs
  • Detailed product descriptions and adjustable rates
  • Multi-line item service options
  • Auto-calculated taxes, fees, and discounts

Choose Field Technician Software that Brings Growth

Now you know why field technician software is so much sweeter than that delicious cinnamon roll. However, getting technology that doesn’t meet your needs is like eating a cinnamon roll from a bus station vending machine.

From the 90s. (Trust us, it would be gross.)

Make sure you dig a little deeper so you can make the right choice. Get more information to be 100 percent sure that the field service management software you choose is the right one.

Do yourself a favor and download our e-book, How Field Service Management Helps Grow Your Business


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