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The fridge is on the fritz. Oven’s out of commission. When appliances go haywire, customers are not happy campers (though they might be living that way). So when you enter the picture, you need solutions to deliver efficient appliance repair.

“Is your refrigerator running?”

Go catch it and discover how appliance repair service software steps in to streamline repairs.

What is appliance repair service software?

Forget about manual data entry, back-and-forth phone calls, and endless files. Appliance repair service software is an all-in-one solution designed to make life easier, performing key tasks to streamline operations, including:

  • Generating estimates
  • Scheduling jobs
  • Dispatching technicians
  • Invoicing for completed work

The best appliance repair software even includes mobile app options. Techs can take it on the go, so they’re never limited in how they get work done.

How does appliance repair service software support your business?

Employing talented technicians is only a portion of the service puzzle. When you pair that with quality software, your appliance repair business can easily respond and resolve appliance issues for customers. Appliance repair software helps you:

Adapt to digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a hot topic these days, no matter where you are or what you do. It’s all about leveraging new technologies and processes, and in terms of field service and appliance repair service software, that means things such as:

  • Enabling customers to request jobs online
  • Routing calls from customers to technicians
  • Providing on-the-way alerts
  • Enabling SMS messaging

Tech can be intimidating, but it also makes a world of difference. These and other features help you improve both business operations and customer satisfaction.

Deliver convenience.

Consumers value autonomy—so much so that one survey found that 81 percent of them expect companies to provide more self-service options. Appliance repair service software requires less effort for customers, enabling them to request jobs online instead of calling in. On top of this, the technology adds a layer of control, so if a customer needs to reschedule, reach their tech, or track arrival time, they can.

Operate flexibly.

Go remote! Techs and back-office staff alike can stay on top of jobs from anywhere. Appliance repair software keeps you in the loop within the main software interface or mobile app. But wait—there’s more! Cloud-based storage powers full information input and access, so you don’t sacrifice features and functions if you’re on the app.

Maintain accountability.

You’re trusting a large chunk of your success to technicians, so they have to be top-notch all the time. Bake a layer of accountability into your operations with GPS fleet tracking. It works to dispatch the right technicians to ensure jobs are completed correctly and efficiently. And as a bonus, you maintain visibility into driver locations and behaviors, ensuring quality service and on-time delivery, whether they’re fixing a fridge or washing machine. Elevate customer satisfaction with next-level appliance software.

What are the essential appliance repair service software features?
So if you had to choose, what should top your list of must-have software features? The bells and whistles that do a little bit of everything for your operation and team. Our favorites include the ability to:

Create estimates.

Check the price book, break out the calculator, and crunch numbers. That’s a lot of data entry, but you can automate it by pulling all the info you need from your appliance repair service software. Quickly create estimates and jobs in a click or two with prepopulated products and service line items reflecting the latest pricing.

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Schedule and dispatch.

Who can handle these jobs? Instead of mapping out workloads by hand, eliminate manual scheduling inside your software. A drag-and-drop calendar grid can help to shift times and dates, so you avoid over- and underbooking your technicians. Quickly and easily send the right techs to each job, plus stay in touch by enabling real-time job status updates.

Use a mobile app.

Everyone’s a winner when your software platform has a companion mobile app. That’s because it can do just about anything the full software can. With it, your back office can facilitate jobs, from scheduling and dispatching to sharing details on required tools or driving directions. Technicians can do more, too, including access their schedules, upload job photos and files, and even add invoices and process in-field payments.

Streamline invoicing.

When it’s time to pay the piper, easy is better, so you get what you’ve earned on time. Software can streamline invoicing and payment when the functionality is baked right in. The best appliance repair business software swings the door wide open to let you:

  • Create, send, and collect on invoices.
  • Send payment reminders.
  • Process cards, ACH, and checks.

And with the same features built into your mobile app, you really can take appliance repair jobs from start to completion anytime and anywhere

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Make your appliance repair service software do the hard work.

Is your refrigerator running? Time to chase that bugger down with appliance repair software that makes field service a breeze. Whether you strive to adapt to digital transformation or want to make your operations more flexible, the right software platform delivers with features to support scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and more. Download our e-book to learn How Field Service Management Helps Grow Your Business.

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