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Every day you’re hustling, trying to do more, be more, and please more customers—and it’s a lot of work! You’re making headway on growing your business, but how can you maintain that upward trajectory?

Repair service software makes business growth sustainable. As a tool that’s designed to be efficient, it helps you scale by generating better results from the same or fewer resources. (Raise your hand if you’ve felt the burn of The Great Resignation!)

Discover how service management software cuts overall process time and helps you scale your operations without a heavier lift.

Efficiency with Automation

People are increasingly turning to automation to make things faster and easier. (Looking at you, self checkout and online banking.) Why couldn’t field service do the same?

Thanks to technology, it’s easy to boost existing resources and processes, delivering the biggest bang for your buck. Operations like yours have the means to automate everything from productivity and employee management to communication and logistics.

Service Fusion Spotlight: GPS Tracking and SMS Communication

Service Fusion’s repair service software enables automation through a tag-team of GPS Fleet Tracking and SMS communication. Thanks to GPS technology, you get complete visibility of where technicians are, their driving habits, and who the best available technicians are for upcoming jobs. You can easily reach out to them by text message to assign work, while customers and their assigned technicians can stay in touch via SMS for anything from on-the-way alerts to last-minute questions.

Scaling > Growth

Wait a second—aren’t scaling and growth the same thing? Not so fast.

Spot the differences: Scaling is doing more with what you have, while growth increases both the number of customers and overall investment.

So what should be your endgame? Our vote goes to scaling because as you scale, you can cover more customers with existing resources. For instance, why not integrate invoicing, payment, and job management under one umbrella to inform data-driven decisions instead of using three separate—and likely expensive—resources?

Service Fusion Spotlight: FusionPay and FSM software

We’re devoted to making your life easier so you have more time for the important things. That’s why our FSM software solution does everything under one roof. Log in to quickly create job estimates, and turn them into jobs in one click. Then use drag-and-drop scheduling and dispatching to get the right technician assigned. Once each job is complete, turn to FusionPay, your all-in-one payment solution built into the platform. Use it for invoicing, online bill pay, and even progressive billing to provide payment flexibility to your customers.

Remote Flexibility

Ah, remote work. It’s kind of like the new Casual Friday, but way better. And truthfully, up to 70 percent of job seekers today won’t even consider a role unless you provide at least some degree of remote flexibility.

But they aren’t the only ones who win with such an arrangement. Being able to work from anywhere—your couch, the road, even a tropical paradise—saves time, money, and energy. When they aren’t tied to offices and desktop computers, technicians and team members can do more in a way and on a schedule that benefits both sides: greater efficiency, plus operational savings.

Service Fusion Spotlight: Field Service Management Apps

Remote work may be the new American Dream, but you still need the tools to make it possible. Field service management software isn’t just for computers. Service Fusion’s platform is also a robust mobile app, allowing everyone from dispatchers to technicians to work from anywhere. Manage jobs on mobile devices and reduce paperwork, with the added benefits of viewing equipment, setting job statuses, adding photos, and more.

Scale Your Repair Service with Service Fusion’s Software

Between automation, scalability features, and remote-friendly infrastructure, deploying service management software is one way to position your business for sustainable success.

Ready to scale up? Service Fusion can help. Check out our infographic to see how we stack up against the competition, and get in touch with our experts to explore the solution.

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