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The thought of deploying plumbing dispatch software is appealing. The efficiency! The ease of use! The time savings! But it’s also a little polarizing:

Owner: “It’ll cost too much.”

Operations manager: “We don’t have the infrastructure to support it.”

These mentalities are outdated, going back to the early days of field service dispatch management software that was big, bad, complicated, and expensive. But these tools aren’t only for giant companies anymore. Software solutions are accessible for even the smallest operations, providing invaluable benefits.

5 Ways Field Service Dispatch Management Software Enhances Your Sustainability and Scalability

You’ve been there before: You buy a tool or subscribe to a software platform and it works great! Then your business grows, and it can’t keep up with your needs.

But field service dispatch software is designed to flex with you, providing long-term sustainability and scalability. As a bonus, it streamlines complicated processes, rolling many steps into one.

Connect your workforce.

“Can you hear me now? Good.” Quit channeling an old-school Verizon ad and simplify communication with your team. Field service dispatch management software not only facilitates real-time communication with technicians but also with customers. Keep all parties connected with tools such as:

  • SMS messages
  • Text-me-back widgets (
  • On-the-way alerts

We’re all on our phones constantly anyway. Send a text and use an app, and start taking advantage of remote work opportunities.

Check out 5 important tips in this essential guide on setting up your small business for successful growth.

Create and update estimates in seconds.

A customer needs Service X to fix Problem Y, and you have to run and get your calculator to crunch the numbers. Talk about a time suck! Pull it all into your software instead.

Field service dispatch management systems eliminate the time and headaches of creating estimates, cutting them down from hours to minutes (or even seconds). With the right plumbing service software, you can:

  • Pull in pre-populated products and services
  • Convert estimates to jobs with one click
  • Prioritize opportunities
  • Schedule on-site visits
  • Assign jobs to sales reps

Bye, bye, lengthy estimate processes. Generate accurate estimates on the fly and get back to service operations.

Provide details to your customers.

Customer: “Who’s performing my repair? When will they get here? How long will it take?”

Service Providers: “Uhh … IDK, your service window is between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.”

Don’t be like those service providers, who assign ridiculously long service windows and are disorganized to boot. Put the tools in place to give them clear answers and a direct line to their assigned technician(s). With field service dispatch management software, you can easily:

  • Share details about assigned technicians
  • Route calls directly between customers and technicians
  • Send frequent progress updates

Your customers do have lives. Respect their time and be more efficient with yours by keeping jobs on track.

Easily integrate with QuickBooks.

Invoices, payments, paperwork, oh my! Filing cabinets overflow, and Spreadsheet Land is dizzying. Software to manage money matters can clear the clutter.

Keep your accounting system updated inside your field service dispatch management software by integrating it with QuickBooks. With this full integration, you get the benefits of:

  • Automatic sync for deposits, invoices, and payments
  • Automatic updates when changes are made

Never hunt down another document again. Pull your accounting paperwork into your trusted software to keep every detail in one place.

Process payments conveniently.

Mary pays by check, Charlie pays by credit card … and you lose track of activities between snail mail payments and digital ones. So what if you could lighten your load and make things easier for customers?

All-in-one payment processing through field service dispatch management software pushes all customer payments to one place so you can stay organized. Accept a variety of payment methods and add flexibility to the process:

  • Credit, debit, and ACH processing
  • In-person, online, and phone payments
  • Recurring and/or progressive billing

Don’t wait by the mailbox for a customer’s check. Know if and how you’ve been paid with a bird’s-eye view of your software platform.

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Scale Your Service Business with Service Fusion

Big software isn’t reserved for big companies, and it doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Field service dispatch software for plumbing operations helps little guys and major players in equal measure. Level up your business by improving communication, generating quick estimates, managing your books digitally, and more.

Grow your operations with plumbing dispatch software from Service Fusion. Download the Essential Guide to Scaling Your Service Business and get in touch with our experts to get started with your all-in-one software solution.


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