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“I want it now.” People want instant information, from the latest box scores to how much their HVAC service will cost. You can easily search scores, but folks looking for in-home services need deeper details. If you don’t readily disclose this information, it can turn off prospects.

Foster trust and satisfaction and attract the right customers by streamlining their experience. From displaying up-front pricing online to incorporating digital technology tools, HVAC service providers have the power to provide their best to prospects and customers. Let’s dive into why pricing transparency matters and how technology improves your operations and customer experience.

Why Pricing Information Matters

E-commerce grew during the pandemic. Like, A LOT. You might think, “OK, but how does that affect HVAC services?” Customers still need in-home help, but now they’re going about it in different ways.

Gone are the days of customers inviting multiple contractors to their homes to present bids—many just don’t want to risk the spread of germs. Instead, they shop how they want, when they want, which includes comparing prices online. If you fail to provide pricing, you may lose out on sales from customers who need swift solutions.

But this helps you, too! Because customers are shopping for HVAC service providers online, you no longer need to make technicians available for on-site estimates and quotes—a definite perk in a time of labor shortages.

Why Contractors Don’t Usually Disclose Prices (and Why They Should)

Many contractors are still gun-shy about exposing their pricing information on their websites, fearing it might do more harm than good. But the benefits generally outweigh any perceived risks.

Why They Don’t: Averages Over True Cost

HVAC service providers that already provide some pricing insights often do so at a very high level. Instead of concrete costs, many opt to showcase “average” prices for services like HVAC system installation.

The reason the available information is so vague is twofold: HVAC contractors sell more than equipment—so there are hidden variable costs—and each job is unique to the customer’s house.

Why They Should: Trust

Have you ever bought event tickets at a “steal” of a price, only to reach checkout and find service fees, processing fees, or similar? It’s misleading and even a little annoying. HVAC customers feel the same way, and they don’t want to be blindsided by upticks in price or extra charges.

When you include pricing information online, that transparency earns trust because customers know exactly what to expect. Plus it saves prospects time so they don’t dig around your website just to find out that the price isn’t right.

Why They Don’t: Cost Competition

Customers often have their pick of several HVAC service providers, so contractors aren’t keen to compete on price. The concern is that if they say they’ll do a job for price X, a competitor will offer a lower price—whether customers research better rates or the competitor has done their homework on you.

Why They Should: Better Leads

“If they don’t get you, they don’t deserve you.” Your prices may or may not be ideal for prospects, but it’s OK—good, even—to focus on the leads that get you. Up-front pricing filters out homeowners who aren’t a fit for your business.

You attract more qualified leads when you give prospects information up front and they still decide to move forward. In some cases, prospects may initially feel like they can’t afford you, but because of your reputation, they really want to work with you. Disclosing prices tells them if hiring you is doable either now or in the future.

Field service management software is vital for success—but not just any software will do. Discover if Service Fusion is right for your business.

Using Tech for Successful HVAC

Technology paved the way for e-commerce and changed customer behavior, but it packs a punch for HVAC providers, too. HVAC services providers can become more tech-focused to provide exceptional service.

Fast fact: According to a recent survey from SurveyMonkey, 72 percent of respondents are more likely to interact with companies that make customer service a priority. That includes real-time communication tech for customers and technicians alike, such as:

  • SMS notifications
  • On-the-way alerts for customers
  • Scheduling and dispatching dashboards

But customer service is about more than communication tools. It’s also the customer experience you create, starting with your online presence.

Update your website.

Your website goes a long way toward making prospects’ user experiences seamless—from initial contact to closing the deal—but first you have to get them there. Improve your online visibility by enhancing your website’s SEO. The biggest benefits?

  • Improved Google keyword rankings
  • More organic web traffic

With an influx of online visitors, it’s easier to fill your sales funnel with high-quality leads.

Incorporate marketing and social media.

Your website is just one piece of the puzzle. Adding paid advertising and social media helps you engage more prospects and provide value.

Paid Google ads provide core benefits to maximize your investment:

  • Cost-efficiency because you don’t spend unless your ads are clicked
  • Targeted audiences based on chosen demographics
  • Actionable data on what’s working and what isn’t

But being active on your audience’s favorite social media platforms is a must, too. Post to company accounts and relevant groups to showcase your expertise. It is crucial to make your content mobile-friendly—88 percent of mobile searchers contact local businesses within 24 hours.

Your customers are spending their time in the digital world, and you should, too. HVAC service providers who prioritize technology have an edge.

Add Field Service Management Software

With so many of your activities happening online, it’s challenging to keep track of everything. Keep track of customer info and continue to add value via a field service management CRM.

How Service Fusion Can Help

Service Fusion provides all-in-one HVAC software to make your operations more efficient. With everything in one place, you have the flexibility to communicate with customers and technicians digitally and to store important data. Our HVAC software helps you:

  • Schedule and dispatch technicians
  • Send invoices and accept virtual payments
  • Create estimates and jobs
  • Access customer information and job history

And it’s even easier when you access everything through our mobile app. Here, you get all the benefits of our standard HVAC software, PLUS driving directions to jobs, photos and notes, and pre-work and post-work signatures.

Service Fusion proudly serves the plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, overhead and garage door, and locksmith industries, and we can’t wait to serve you.

Simplify Field Service Management

HVAC services have changed because your customers have. Meet digitally savvy customers where they are with transparent pricing and useful content on your user-friendly website and social media accounts.

Want to multiply your efforts? Turn to cutting-edge field service management software to grow your business and accommodate customers. Service Fusion makes field service management a breeze. Download our e-book and get in touch to learn more about our field service management solutions.


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