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Field service techs want to make their jobs easier. Learn why field service management software is the must-have holiday gift.

Stuff Their Stockings with Field Service Management Software

The last thing your team wants is to work in chaos, and outdated processes make things challenging. Techs and managers alike are fed up with time-consuming paperwork and inefficient dispatching. Recover lost efficiency, know where your techs are, and assign the best person for the job with an all-in-one software solution.

Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Field service management software is designed to bring technology into the service mix, modernizing in-the-field repairs and maintenance for staff and customers. By using inclusive software, you expedite service activities without sacrificing quality.

1. Work from anywhere.

Everyone’s remote now. Well, you could be, too. Field service management software fully supports remote operations, whether your tech is on the road en route to the next house call or you need to work from home.

Because it’s cloud-based, field service management software doesn’t tether you to a physical program or a specific location. Do business from anywhere and save time with enhanced operational visibility, instead. Information is stored centrally via dashboards, so you can access everything you need using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Bonus: Cloud capabilities simplify time tracking, scheduling, and dispatching, too!

2. Eliminate paperwork.

Get rid of that darn paper, already. Invoices, service records, and more pile up, making your desk look like an obstacle course and weighing down your filing cabinets. But cloud-based software eliminates all the agonizing filing and organizing and removes the need for manual customer signatures.

3. Simplify scheduling and dispatching.

Forget the spreadsheets and hang up with the tech on the other line. Field service management software has dispatching options built for service contractors. Just go into the platform and use features like drag-and-drop to quickly and easily schedule and reschedule service appointments. You can even get a quick glance at the needs for each job and pricing estimates.

4. Increase visibility in the field.

Keep a close eye on field activities. Features like GPS tracking provide visibility so you know who is where at any given time. And it’s not just about who’s closest to the job site—use your improved visibility to deploy the best technician for each job.

5. Make payments easier.

Mobile or traditional? When you give customers payment flexibility, it makes life easier for them, enhancing their experience and keeping you competitive.

Field service management software includes invoicing and payment in one platform. Technicians can easily send invoices and process customer-favorite payment methods like credit, debit, and ACH—and do it all in the field with a mobile app. Because the software stores information in the cloud, it’s even a breeze to save customer payment information for future service.

Ready to see a truly all-in-one field service management software? Get a free demo.

Benefits of Service Fusion

Of course, you have your pick of software solutions for your team, but we’re a little biased. Service Fusion is a premier field service management software and for good reason. The core features of the Service Fusion suite offer convenience and usability for you and your customers alike.

Mobile App

Our software suite comes with a mobile app that allows field techs to receive and manage jobs on mobile devices, boosting your efficiency. It provides a quick look at the essentials, like assigned jobs and estimates, driving directions to customer locations, and invoicing features. You can even add photos from the service visit.


By integrating an all-in-one payment processing platform into our software suite, we hand the controls back to you. FusionPay powered by PaySimple adds convenience and security for your team and your customers by enabling both web and in-field payments. Accept credit, debit, and ACH payments anytime and anywhere—mobile, online, or even over the phone. Bonus: FusionPay includes a handy card-on-file feature, so techs can access customers’ saved payment details.®

Want to keep track of customer calls and requests?® combines VoIP, artificial intelligence, and field service experience in one place. With our system, your customers can call or text designated numbers to request assistance from your call team. And thanks to the integration, you can target web customers, too, allowing them to initiate contact online and continue via text message

But isn’t there a disconnect between phone dispatch and field techs? Not necessarily.’s call recording feature lets technicians listen to calls before they arrive at the customer’s location. As a result, they know the demands of the job and their preparedness helps them do right by customers the first time.

Put Service Fusion at the Top of Your Wishlist This Year

Streamline both internal and customer-facing aspects with field service management software. Trust in expert software to automate your processes, and see improved efficiencies across the board. Service Fusion can help, with our all-in-one suite designed to take your operations to the next level.

Request a demo now to see the difference yourself, and check off that “big gift” item from your team’s wishlist.

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