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At Service Fusion, we build technology to help our customers solve real-world problems like minimizing trivial labor, maximizing productivity and efficiency, and ensuring business continuity under any circumstances.

We regularly shape our releases and upgrades based on the feedback of our customers and the current digital landscape. With only four months left in 2021, we want to chronicle in this article some of the major product upgrades and features from Service Fusion.

Give your customers the power to choose with Good, Better, Best estimate options

When you present your leads with multiple options for jobs and projects, 60% of the time homeowners will choose something better than the basic repair. It’s also a great way to showcase what services you can offer them in the future, thus having the ability to increase your average ticket by 80%. If you were too busy taking customer calls over in, you may have missed our good, better, best estimate options allowing technicians using Service Fusion to create custom estimates and present them in a snap.

Generating more value for customers with smart, easy-to-use tools

Today’s customers expect contractors to operate with total clarity and on-demand customer service. So keeping track of all your customers and company documents in the same place you operate your business is paramount in keeping customers satisfied and attracting new ones.

With that in mind, the FusionDrive feature brought seamless ways to gather your files and cloud content together, making it easy for your team to upload, share, and organize documents and folders directly through Service Fusion’s field service management software.

In addition, we also beefed up FusionPay by adding Progressive and Recurring Invoicing, allowing contractors to automate recurring invoices and payments from their customers.

And finally, to communicate promotions, updates, products, and more with your customers, we released the Customer Email Broadcast. Gone are the days of juggling marketing software applications like MailChimp or Constant Contact to get more leads and increase customer engagement. Now, you can send out personalized promotional emails and discounts directly from the Service Fusion platform.

Shaping the future with contactless field service

Today, more and more businesses are pivoting to “contactless” services, adopting new processes around accepting payments and signing agreements. It’s efficient, easy, and useful. When Service Fusion transitioned to our remote-work model in 2020, our team confronted last year’s uncertainty head-on and launched numerous contactless features for our customers to safely continue business as usual. Notably, we introduced touchless eSignature solutions that allow technicians to digitally send and collect signatures on-site and practically anywhere, at any time.

Simplified billing and faster payments in the field

For some businesses, traditional payment methods such as cash and checks are still prominently being accepted. In today’s fast-paced world, no one has time to wait around for their payments to process or waste time chasing checks. That’s why FusionPay, powered by PaySimple, was created to help make your business operations and payment processing fast, easy, and efficient. Since the launch in recent months, we’ve seen an increase in the utilization of FusionPay because our customers love the greater flexibility and convenience they see in processing and accepting a variety of payments right within the Service Fusion web and Field Technician Mobile app.

Increase customer engagement with interactive website chat widgets

If you want to make your website interactive and convert more visitors to customers, then adding a text-me-back widget on your website is one of the most effective ways to ensure you’re providing customers a fast and seamless service experience while generating more leads. Guess what? Our does just that and more.

Working hand in hand with our integrated VoIP call tracker software, is essentially a chat tool that has the ability to be embedded into your website and allows your customers to start a conversation via text message. The highly utilized feature is also expected to expand to include live chat and chatbot services, so stay tuned!

Smarter, Better GPS Fleet Tracking 2.0

Just when you think fleet tracking couldn’t get any better, our Fleet Tracking 2.0 upgrade gets an enhanced Fleet Dashboard and a new look and added features to the fleet map. The intuitive dashboard has quick access to your latest fleet activity and location, technician driving behavior summary, and trends.

And finally, we added preferences to the fleet dashboard to let you set custom business hours, speeding threshold, and what should be considered a “trip”.

These are just some of the enhancements and additions we’ve done in the past two years. Bringing you new ways of running your business efficiently and effectively is a high priority and it’s our mission to continue to make our customers’ lives easier. At Service Fusion we’re proud of how far we’ve come and the future of our software solutions is smarter, deeper, and easier to use than ever.

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