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Plumbing jobs keep your workers on the go—not on the toilet, but on the move from job to job! You need solutions to keep pace with the demands of everyday operations, especially as they become increasingly remote.

Discover why the future of the industry needs plumbing dispatch software.

Taking Data On the Go

“The modern workforce is increasingly mobile, collaborative, [and] dynamic.”
Stacey Epstein, CMO of Freshworks

Thanks in part to COVID-19, remote work is as common as a pumpkin spice latte, even for the plumbing industry! That’s because workers have realized that it’s not just convenient, but taking jobs with you—at home, at the beach, or wherever—is more productive than working strictly in the office or in the field.

Workers and their employers generally see positive results from providing remote flexibility, but the arrangement certainly looks different from a traditional office setup.

Longer Hours

In the remote world, 9-5 isn’t necessarily the standard, and most folks seem to be okay with that. Across industries, 40 percent of employees work longer hours at home—adding up to 17 additional workdays a year—but the flexibility that comes with remote work makes this easier and even more palatable.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Think longer hours mean having no life? Nuh-uh. Actually, remote workers fit work around their lives instead of the other way around and have twice as much work-life balance as full-time office workers.

Less Stress

Don’t worry about it! No, really. Only 29 percent of remote workers say they’re “moderately” stressed at work, down from 33 percent in 2019. By providing flexibility, remote-friendly employers set the stage for employees to do their best work, where they can concentrate and deliver quality results instead of worrying about managerial oversight or even office politics.

And remote work isn’t just for traditional “office jobs.” Plumbing dispatch software supports remote work because it lives in the cloud and is accessible on any device so workers can be on their way to a job site or checking in from their living room. Plumbing apps expand this flexibility with a mobile-friendly option and the ability to execute key tasks and retrieve customer data.

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Communication Efficiency Goes a Long Way

With a flurry of activities each day, communication can be tough. It’s even worse when communication processes aren’t optimized for an on-the-go workforce, but plumbing dispatch software turns things around.

Attract Talent with Tech

“Sh#%&er was full” is a line you really only ever want to hear from Randy Quaid. The fact is that the demand for plumbing jobs is estimated to increase 5 percent over the next 10 years, which is positive. However, that’s faster than employers can usually hire, so finding enough qualified workers will be difficult.

Don’t underestimate the power of technology to move the needle for employees. Being able to reach techs in the field with the right tools and technologies makes the job easier and more attractive to a young labor force that relies on technology every day. With dispatch software, you can keep the ball rolling by notifying techs of upcoming jobs and even providing driving directions to increase efficiency.

Enhance Experiences with Customer Communication Tools

Of course, your team is only one piece of the puzzle, and customers matter. Stay in step with their needs on the go with communication tools to create positive experiences. Your plumbing dispatch software makes life easier for customers with a variety of tools, such as:

  • Web- and app-based scheduling
  • Personalized emails and SMS alerts

Customers want their service experience to be frictionless. If your tech can make communication easier, it helps both sides.

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Assign and Update Tickets

“Who has time in their schedule to take this job?” Don’t beat your head against the wall figuring it out. Trust your software instead.

Eliminate Manual Scheduling and Dispatching

Forget spreadsheets, traditional calendars, or even calling specific techs on the fly. Scheduling and dispatching are easier with plumbing dispatch software. With it, you get visibility into upcoming projects, plus team schedules to best match techs to jobs. Even more perks include:

  • Drag and drop: Move jobs around in a calendar view to schedule without overlap.
  • Shared job information: Call or text technicians, and send and receive status updates in one program.

Automated scheduling and dispatching save time and eliminate guesswork. Use it on the go so you and your crew can keep providing quality service, no matter where you are.

Easy Invoicing

Expert plumbing service doesn’t come for free, so you shouldn’t have to wait to get paid between mailing a paper bill and customers submitting payment. Luckily, plumbing dispatch software eliminates the hassle and even provides instant payment capabilities.

FusionPay by Service Fusion

We can’t speak for how other software providers handle invoicing, but FusionPay makes billing and invoicing a snap. Our payment processing platform allows you to convert jobs to invoices in one click and gives customers choices on how to pay, with options such as:

  • Cash, credit, debit, ACH, PayPal, and so on
  • In person, online, or over the phone
  • In-the-field app payments

As the cherry on top, you can also implement progressive invoicing to split payments into multiple invoices or automate recurring invoices. Invoicing software helps you and your customers alike.

Get Going with Plumbing Dispatch Software

Remote work seems to be here to stay, and it’s making workers happier and more productive. Your team can reap the rewards of remote work, too, with software that streamlines everything from scheduling to talking to customers and completing jobs. Set your on-the-go workforce up for success with Service Fusion’s plumbing dispatch software.

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