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Just like the exhausted parent browsing the makeup counter at the mall in search of a new shade of lipstick, customer service needs a makeover. There’s just too much waste—customers waste time on hold and your business wastes time and labor on manual methods. is that sexy shade of red that service contractors are looking for, combining VoIP, AI, and field service experience to create an effective communication tool. Learn how makes customer service and communication runway-ready.

Key Features of

We’re gonna toot our own horn. We’d be here all day if we geeked out about everything our call tracker software could do, but we’ll settle for a quick solo instead.

Just like the primary Service Fusion field service management platform, is designed to make your life easier. These are just a few of the features which make that possible.

Marketing Tracking

Your business probably does at least a little bit of marketing, even if you don’t go all-out with an agency. But marketing shouldn’t be a set-it-and-forget-it effort.

Want to see how successful your efforts are? includes marketing tracking features to track where calls are coming from (such as referral sources from ads) and syncs it with your field service management software. When you activate this feature, you can see on-screen popups with a variety of details, such as:

  • Customer estimates
  • Jobs
  • Work history
  • Account details

Instant Phone Numbers

“But how do you see where calls are coming from, anyway?” The thing that makes marketing tracking more effective is control over your phone numbers. With, you can buy toll-free phone numbers on demand. As a result, you can link phone numbers to referral sources, opening the door to track leads and conversions.

Call or Text

Still, phones have started to go silent in the last several years—save for the frequent hum or ding of notifications.

People don’t want to talk anymore, favoring texting instead. In fact, 78 percent of people wish they could text businesses in particular, but only 48 percent of businesses are equipped for two-way messaging. The solution? A system like accommodates calling and texting. This way, you can advertise your phone numbers as call or text-friendly.


Sound familiar? “Hello, I need to speak with my technician, [Name] about this job.” But that tech is on the road or working another job! Take a message, right? Not necessarily.

The Ring-a-Tech feature lets you avoid this hiccup and route calls to technicians instantly and discreetly. Technicians don’t have to worry about everyone and their sister having their cell phone number, either. It works to facilitate customer-to-tech communication without exposing phone numbers

The result? Happy customers. With a feature like this, you reduce customer service overhead and call wait times, all while improving overall customer satisfaction by empowering individuals to reach out when and how they need to.

So chatbots aren’t your style. Or maybe you just don’t have anyone monitoring online communication 24/7. meets you in the middle. As a text-me-back widget, it lets your website visitors start their conversation with you online.

Users can enter questions and concerns as necessary (ideally not emergencies!), while your team gets up to speed and prepares to craft a thoughtful response. Later—you guessed it—customers get a text back to continue the conversation via mobile. also provides the extra benefit of making it easier to convert visitors into leads, as they have a reason and an easy means to get in touch.

Why Communication Features Matter

Who’s on first? When you can’t effectively communicate across teams or with your customers, you wind up with a lot of confused players on the field. Communication features inside improve efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction.

Seamless and Frictionless

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes: When you have a problem—from HVAC to plumbing—you want it solved now. Roadblocks to getting what you need are frustrating and can cause actual problems.

Communication tools and strategies remove the friction. Connecting techs to clients enhances service because it:

  • Gets rid of the headache of waiting on hold
  • Cuts long service windows
  • Lets customers get answers directly

Fits Any Communication Style

Between calling and texting, real-time and delayed communication, customers receive information in a variety of ways—and you have to adapt to their needs. A communication platform like delivers, blending automated and live options for the best of both worlds.

Improves Customer Service

“Any customer that walks away, disrespected and defeated, represents tens of thousands of dollars out the door, in addition to the failure of a promise the brand made in the first place. You can’t see it but it’s happening, daily.” —Seth Godin pulls in and tracks call details and outcomes. With such a treasure trove of customer data, you won’t leave your customers wanting. Instead, you have the tools to improve operational efficiency and identify and improve customer service weaknesses over time.

Elevate Service Communications gives you more freedom to communicate in the right ways and at the right times with your customers—and teams—creating a little bit of kumbaya across your operations. Between marketing and flexible communication tools, you can make service a cinch in your organization.

And is just a fraction of what the Service Fusion platform offers. Create better estimates, reduce your waste and workload, and manage jobs from beginning to end in our all-in-one platform.

Need a better way to deliver excellence to customers? Learn how FSM software can help. Check out our e-book Benefits of Implementing FSM Software, and take your business to the next level.


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