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Thanks to software-as-a-service (SaaS), repair service businesses of all sizes can now benefit from field service management software—something only large organizations with massive fleets and hundreds of employees could previously afford. Times have changed. These days, there are affordable subscription repair service software options available that are transforming the way field service companies of all sizes are doing business.

Sounds good, right? But do these SaaS options really live up to their hype?

They do if you know what you need and what to look for. Think about your biggest needs, like visibility into the field, if it integrates with your accounting software, and if it can really help you eliminate paperwork.

Here, we’re answering five questions about repair service software to help you make a more informed decision for your organization.

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1. Can repair service software really help me work from anywhere?

Yes, it really is true—repair service software can help you do business from anywhere, something which is becoming more and more important in our cloud-based business world.

If you choose the right field service management solution, you get a whole host of new capabilities that give managers omni-visibility. This means you get all the information you need from one central dashboard, so you can access everything you need using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It frees managers from desks and the traditional office, meaning you can get more accomplished without the information you need being tethered to a desktop computer in an office or—worse yet—paper files in a cabinet.

The solution you choose should make it easy to see what’s going on with everything, from work orders and invoices to text messages and emails. And you should be able to access everything from a device as convenient as a smartphone.

Choosing the right repair service software will empower you to:

    • Assign jobs in real time
    • Manage your remote team
    • Close the gaps on delivery window issues
    • Make invoicing and payments easy

2. How does repair service SaaS eliminate paperwork?

Nobody should be getting paper cuts in the year 2021. If your office still has too much paper-cut danger, repair service software can save you. Putting everything in the cloud eliminates paperwork and all that goes with it—that includes time wasted organizing and filing copies, and spending time getting paper-and-pen signatures from customers.

With the right field service solution, customers will have the convenience of e-signing that they expect, and you get improved efficiencies in your process, including:

    • Send and sign agreements securely, in moments
    • Turn any single or multi-page document into a digital document
    • Send signature requests directly from within estimate and job screens
    • Create custom digital request email templates
    • Preview and download digital documents as PDF
    • Allow customers to sign from their personal devices

3. Does repair service software make scheduling and dispatching less complicated?

Repair service scheduling and dispatching can feel like a never-ending balancing act.

It’s crucial to choose repair service software with dispatch capabilities built specifically for service contractors. This means using VoIP capabilities to see where new customer calls are coming from and route existing customers to the right teams. Giving your operations the efficiency and convenience customers today expect will help you gain and retain more business.

Using repair service software, managers can view all jobs and estimates to schedule and reschedule times and dates. Be sure to look for software solutions that have intuitive functionality like drag-and-drop. It’s often the fastest and easiest way for everyone to make changes, with only a small learning curve.

4. Will repair service software give managers visibility into the field?

Ever wish you could just look at your phone and see where everyone and every service appointment is? With the right repair service software, you can.

Certain solutions provide an all-in-one application, so managers get a big-picture view of operations, meaning it’s easier to efficiently track and dispatch field service technicians. This would eliminate:

    • Manual check-ins from staff
    • Calls to the front office every time you need help finding someone
    • Time wasted trying to find the technician with specific skills
    • Outdated information on work orders and service history

This type of functionality also means work life is flat-out more convenient for everyone, from the front office to field technicians to customers.

5. What should I do about my account software if I use repair service software?

Like your accounting software? Keep it!

The right field service management software can integrate with your account software, like QuickBooks. Your SaaS solution should be able to update your accounting software with no effort, right from your field service management software application. This brings the convenience of:

  • Full sync of customers, products, and services
  • Automatic synchronization of job deposits, invoices, and payments
  • Automatic updates pushed to accounting software when changes are made

Use repair service software to grow your business.

If you make the right SaaS choice, repair service software will help you grow your business. One big way it helps is with customer reviews, each of which is a powerful little referral.

Want to know more? See how repair service software can help you get more customer reviews and grow your business.


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