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There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to field service management software. It’s easy to get confused about which solution would work best for your organization when everyone “seems” to promise the same thing. 

The truth is, different field service solutions bring different features and value. Good field service software provides tools so repair service businesses can:

  • Make customer appointments and management easier
  • Empower managers to do business from anywhere
  • Improve field activity management, including job status updates
  • Help with inventory, accounting, and other office processes
  • Free businesses from paperwork

If these sound like too many lofty promises, you might be wondering if SaaS expectations and reality align. Let’s look at what you should realistically expect from a field service management software solution.

Field Service Management SaaS Implementation: Easy or Not-So-Easy?

If you’ve ever gone through the process of implementing new software, your expectations may not have aligned with what actually happened during implementation. Far too often, implementation takes longer, is more complex, and has more hidden costs than managers expect.

So many businesses have been lured by the promise of an easy implementation, only to have unexpected obstacles like problematic accounting software integration. But cloud-based field service management software should be easy to implement and onboard, especially when it comes to your accounting software. 

Not all field service management software solutions will integrate with your accounting software, like QuickBooks. Make sure the SaaS solution you choose will integrate seamlessly with your accounting software.

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Office Staff and Field Technician Learning Curve: Steep or Shallow?

Another way businesses feel like they get burned by new technology is when the learning curve is too steep, and nobody actually uses the new technology.

Sound familiar? Something that is meant to bring efficiencies winds up wasting time and money because you have to do manual workarounds just to make it align with your business objectives. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Field service management software can be intuitive, making it easy for employees from the office and the field to learn and adopt.

That’s why it’s crucial to choose software that comes with an all-in-one application. If employees are already using smartphones and tablets, it’s likely they’ll be able to adapt to using a field service application. Once they see how simple it really is, and how much easier it can make their lives—and their customers’ lives—they’ll want to use it.

With the right mobile application, field workers can:

  • Receive job and estimate assignments
  • View assigned jobs on a map
  • See equipment assigned to a job and its work history
  • Set job progress statuses
  • Add activity notes, photos, and custom tasks
  • Collect customer signatures on jobs

Do Business from Anywhere with Field Service Management Software: True or False?

If you have to stop in the office to complete tasks, or if someone is still keeping paper files, field service management software can make your life a lot easier—including freeing you from the office so you can run your business from anywhere. This means that you can perform all office tasks on a smart device, no matter where you are.

It’s especially true if you choose a solution that provides GPS fleet tracking and VoIP phone solutions so you can easily keep up with your field staff from your smartphone. Imagine not only being able to send the closest technician to a call, but also being able to send the most qualified. Plus, field service management software can also keep track of technician capabilities, so you don’t just have to send the closest technician to the job site—you can send the most qualified.

Repair Service SaaS Pricing: Worth It or No ROI?

If you’re thinking about getting into a complicated contract that brings surprises down the road, you’re not alone. Like a lot of managers, maybe you had bad experiences where training cost extra or there were setup fees you didn’t anticipate, making reaching the ROI you were promised just a dream. Worse yet—the onboarding was generic and not even slightly personalized for your business.

When it comes to field service management software, there’s no reason for any of that. You can find a solution that isn’t just affordable, but it actually lives up to its promises. In addition to an affordable monthly subscription price, the right field service management solution: 

  • Has zero setup fees
  • Has no contract requirements
  • Provides personalized onboarding
  • Comes with unlimited training
  • Offers support through email, phone, or live chat

The efficiencies and improved customer service that cloud solutions bring usually far outweigh the monthly SaaS subscription fee. The ROI of your dreams really can become a reality.

Get More Information About the Reality of Field Service Management Software Benefits

There’s a lot more to say about the reality of what it’s like to use the right field service management software—but you must choose wisely. Making the right SaaS decision can bring real-life transformation to your service repair business.

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