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When it comes to business operations, there’s no such thing as being too efficient. The less time you and your team spend on operational tasks, the more time you spend on planning and scaling or—even better—going on vacation. That’s why field service software has become a must-have for repair service businesses.

From front-office filing to taking payments in the field, field service software offers repair service businesses better, easier, and more efficient ways of doing just about everything short of the actual repair work.

We’re focusing in the three big benefits of streamlining operations with field service software:

  • Do business from anywhere.
  • Stop with the paper, already.
  • Gain omni field visibility.

Run Business Operations from Anywhere with Field Service Software

Why should the suits in offices be the only ones who can take advantage of today’s remote work world? Using the right SaaS, you can run a report from your rec room and pull up customer information while standing in line at the grocery store. You can run your business from anywhere!

Well, almost anywhere. Maybe creating invoices on a remote mountaintop is a stretch, but you get the idea. If you use field service software, wherever you are with your smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop is your office. This means you don’t have to go to an actual office to know what’s going on—you don’t even have to make a phone call. With the right field service SaaS, you can communicate through a mobile app.

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The right mobile app will let you and your team:

  • Assign jobs and estimates
  • See all jobs on a map
  • Set job progress statuses
  • Add notes, photos, and custom tasks
  • Collect customer signatures


Use Field Management Software to Peace Out of Paperwork

Do people still file things in your office? Do the people who file the things complain about it? (You don’t have to tell us—we know they do.)

Nobody likes a complainer, but we’d be complaining about doing manual paper filing in 2021, too. If 2020 taught us nothing else, it was that digital workforces rule, mostly because they free us from the paper burden. With field service software, you can embrace the cloud and break up with paper. When all of your “paper” is in the cloud, you also bring much more flexibility to your customer service.

With the right field service solution, customers will have the convenience of e-signing that they expect—and they definitely expect it. Today, your customers can close on a house without touching paper, so they are definitely going to expect the same convenience for all of their other purchases, even service repairs.

Using the right SaaS, you can offer:

  • Sending and signing agreements in moments
  • Letting customers sign from their smartphones
  • Preview and download digital documents as PDF

Gain Complete Visibility of the Field

Imagine a world where you know exactly where your field techs are at all times when they’re in the field. This no longer requires psychic abilities—you can just look at your smartphone. If you choose a field service management solution that has a comprehensive application, you get that big-picture view of operations with the ability to narrow your focus on a specific tech or job. Using GPS, you can track your fleet like a pro.

Even better, the top field service software options offer skills-storing and tracking, so you can make sure when you assign a tech, it’s the right tech—not just the closest one to the job. Plus, the cloud makes it easier to keep things up to date, such as information on work orders and customer service history.

Bonus: Make Time Tracking Less of a Chore

Time tracking is unavoidable—and can be a huge pain for you, your administrative staff, and your field team. Nobody likes tracking time, nobody likes telling people to track time, and nobody likes to correct incorrect time tracking.

That’s why it’s so crazy that anyone is still using manual methods when field management software makes it so easy. Your office staff should be working on marketing efforts and finding ways to grow your business, not spending hours reconciling time tracking with field records.

And how are you supposed to know if someone is over or under tracking if you don’t have data? Yet another reason why you need to really consider SaaS. The right solution will keep track of:

  • Staff work hours
  • Remote workers
  • Time clock activity
  • Overtime pay

See How Efficient You Can Get with Field Management Software

Step away from the manual processes and take a look at what field managementsoftware can do for your operations. We’ve just hit on the tip of the field service management software iceberg. The right solution can truly help you transform operations.

Learn all the possibilities—check out our e-book How Field Service Management Helps Grow Your Business.


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